Want to hear from others who are addicted to knitting

I am addicted to knitting! I became intrigued over 20 years ago when watching a co-worker knit some beautiful Fair-Isle Christmas stockings. She taught me the basic knit and purl and how to cast on. So I knitted a scarf for my mother. I didn’t know at the time, but the simple stockinette stitch curled and I put my needles up in frustration thinking I had done something wrong. Fast forward 20 some odd years later and I am hooked! Last fall I was itching to do something creative with my hands. I tried to knit a simple washcloth and put it down in disgust when I couldn’t remember how to purl correctly. My sister called and told me about some really cool novelty knit scarves she had made. She had never knitted before at all so I knew I could figure it out if I was inspired. I ran down to Hancock’s and got some Lion’s Fancy Fur and Micro Spun and made a really cool scarf. Now I’m taking classes, using better quality of yarns and I am a Crystal Palace circular needle snob!

I’d love to hear from other knitters. One question I have is, do you have a knitting shop that is worth taking a vacation to see?



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