What if…….

I have a friend of about 20 some odd years who called me yesterday. We’d not talked in several months. Of course the subject of the Christmas came up and he started telling me the same thing I’ve heard for over 20 years. And that was how much he hated the commericialism that is so apparent this time of the year. Throughout the years instead of exchanging gifts, he sought out a child who would not have a Christmas. He would find out what the child needed and then he’d go out and purchase everything he could to make Christmas for that child. I’ve always admired him for that. But yesterday he said something else that really struck me. He said what if for one Christmas, every one said “What can I GIVE? instead of what do I get?” It made me wish I was a young mother again and that I could ask that of my child each year, what would you like to give this year? I don’t have anything else to say, I just wanted to share that thought.



  1. 1
    Emily Says:

    Hi Kay,

    I’m glad you’re keeping a blog! (BTW we used the same yarn for the DW dishcloth, too funny).

  2. 2
    Susan Says:

    Hi Kay, I’ve added you to my blog links. We may need to start a OKC Guild ring 🙂 Saw you in MG’s photo gallery – I love that hat!

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