A Great Sunday afternoon

I truly enjoyed this afternoon. I went to the OKC Knitting Guild at Gourmet Yarn and while it was a small group we seemed to share alot of information. Of course, much of it was about food. lol but I always learn something when talking to other knitters.

I started the Midwest Moonlight scarf for the umpteenth time last night. I frogged it for the umpteenth time this morning. lol I put it down maybe a month ago and had not touched it until last night. I think the only way I’ll get that finished is to count every row and stitch 2 times. lol

I bought some Cascade 220 Tweed and started a Quaker Ribbed hat for my nephew. It’s flying by pretty quick. I like projects like that. No pictures yet, I hopefully will have some later in the week.

My sister called earlier. She was telling me about a wild goose chase for more yarn to finish a scarf for our mother. My sister isn’t addicted to knitting like I am but she does get close in brief spurts. First, I haven’t convinced her yet that she really needs to shop at a good yarn shop. While visiting her oldest at college several weeks ago, she bought some novelty yarn and some Lion Brand Kool Wool at Wal Mart to make the scarf. She ran out of yarn today and went to her local Wal Mart to get more only to find out they didn’t carry the same color of novelty nor the Kool Wool. I burst her bubble even further when I told her I thought they’d discontinued many colors of Kool Wool. I then told her to frog it and cast on fewer stitches. I had to smile when she said there was no way she was starting over. I just said ok. 🙂 Like we talked about earlier in the guild meeting, if you are going to knit, you will have to rip out stitches. It’s just a part of knitting life!

Ok, I’m rambling now. I will close. Maybe I’ll wake up to a blanket of nice snow tomorrow. I just hope it’s enough to justify staying home.



  1. 1
    Emily Says:

    It WAS fun, wasn’t it? I came home feeling really buoyed up! (Except for the shoulder ache, which was God’s way of telling me to go home and have a quiet evening).

  2. 2
    Susan Says:

    It just tickles me that people don’t want to rip! How can you be a real knitter and not. I think we should have a bumper sticker “Real Knitters Aren’t Afraid of Frogging”. 🙂

  3. 3
    Margaret Says:

    I enjoyed the afternoon also. It was nice getting to know each other more.

    Hey, Susan, I love that bumper sticker – it would also have non-knitters scratching their head trying to figure it out! lol Maybe this is something I can work on.

  4. 4
    Emily Says:

    “Honk if You Frog Your Knitting”

    “Frogging Happens”

  5. 5
    Margaret Says:

    “Froggin Happens” – love that. Only knitters would get it. lol

  6. 6
    Kay Says:

    I think those would make GREAT bumper stickers….hey…maybe we could raise money for the guild selling bumper stickers like that!!

  7. 7
    brad Says:

    it\’s just a cool design

  8. very amazing stories here and your writing is great! thanks for sharing. nancy

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