Saturday at the Knit-In

If you missed the Knit-in at Gourmet Yarn tonight, you missed a great time. We had a nice bunch of knitter’s and crocheter’s (is that the right term? lol) and a spread of good treats. Jennifer was working on her blackberry, Karen was knitting on a beautiful Noro throw. Emily is nearing the end of her Noro scarf and Terri was knitting a scarf on some beautiful yarn I think I heard her say came from Germany. I love these knit-ins. I get so much inspiration from talking to the people who come and by seeing the projects they are working on. I sat right across from Susan and I apologize, I don’t think I paid attention to what you were knitting….I think we were too busy talking! lol I saw several new faces and I’m sorry I didn’t get everyone’s name.

I bought some pretty yarn today. I went to Luff here in Norman for Katy’s close-out sale. I got two skeins of Koigu PPM that I may just keep as trophies! I’ve adored that yarn for soooo long and this is the first I’ve purchased. It might be my “petting” yarn. lol I also got some lovely silk Reynold’s Mandalay in an olive green.

I messed up the swatch of the Berroco knitting tote I was so excited about. So I frogged it while at the knit-in and also took the opportunity to clean out my knitting bag. It had really gotten into a mess during the trip to Colorado. I found a nice bundle of yarn labels in the bottom for Margaret. I left them on a table in a workroom so I hope she gets them.

Lexi says it’s bedtime so I’d better end this and head that way.



  1. 1
    Susan Says:

    The Yarn Harlot says she has a core stash of yarn she’ll never knit up. I think she calls it souvenir yarn. So you’re following the right path – lol!

  2. 2
    Emily Says:

    I have a couple of souvenir skeins of Koigu, too. It’s somewhere in the stash. . .

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