Anyone watch Ellen today?

If you did then you know what I’m getting ready to tell. Ellen’s Mama moved out to the country. So Ellen called her to get the Farm Report. Mama proceeded to tell Ellen about the new knitting group she had joined called the Crafty Bitches. lol She said they were fine women and not to think otherwise because of the name of the group. lol And of course being daytime television they bleeped the bitches part. But I thought it was neat. It seems everyone is being bit by the knitting bug!!

I finally got around to looking at my Southern Living Magazine that has been here for over two weeks and there is an article about relaxing etc. and they have a few pictures of women in a group knitting. It’s just EVERYWHERE!!!

I used my day to do chores and to make my all day recipe of a True Bowl of Red. I ate a small bowl tonight but it won’t be really good until it sets in the fridge all night. I think the last time I made this recipe was well over 15 years ago. I have to confess, spending a whole day simmering and pureeing and simmering some more is usually more time than I want to commit to. Usually I just grab a package of William’s Chili seasoning and let it go at that. But then I “pay” for it later when the tomato ingredients start talking to me! lol

I’m posting some pictures taken at guild yesterday of some socks that I am DYING to make. Remember the old phrase “he’s got a dollar burning a hole in his pocket”? Well I’ve got some yarn burning a hole in mine….just screaming to be knit into socks. lol This is the Jaywalker pattern and is available online free. I guess I’d better get some of those tiny needles and enroll in that next Saturday sock class! lol This is the talented lady’s blog site who knitted those socks. Her name is Rosemary and she is the one who told me about the Thursday evening group in Norman at Borders.

If you missed the guild meeting yesterday, you missed a great time. I love learning how to do new things in knitting and the list of scheduled events over the next several months is really exciting! We will have someone come in and talk about lace knitting, swatches and different cast-on methods. (cast-on methods was something I thought about suggesting but that Susan beat me to it!! lol)

Emily, I keep looking for those pictures of your sweater and then remember I took those with YOUR camera and not mine. lol



  1. 1
    Susan Says:

    How did I miss seeing Rosemary’s socks!?!? They are gorgeous. You absolutely should make socks.

  2. 2
    Rosemary Says:

    Gee, those are pretty socks! hehe

  3. 3
    Tandi Says:

    I love Ellen’s show! That is too funny! LOVE those socks!

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