Frosty Friday

Just got home and it’s coming down. Can’t quite tell if its sleet or rain. Probably both. I sure do hope it gets in here and leaves before Sunday afternoon. I want to go to guild!!!

Had a great time at Border’s Thursday evening. A lady came and I did not catch her name. I just saw the beautiful garments she made. She had a gorgeous shawl/triangle scarf tied on her shoulders, it was beautiful. Then she showed a gray cable cardigan. That really caught my attention. Then she brought out a lace christening gown knitted out of cashmere. Ok, I’m in the beginners beginning section. lol No, I didn’t think to get the camera out for pictures. Next time I’ll do better. But, for your viewing pleasure I did get pictures of Shelly and her beautiful shawl she knitted for her grandmother even though she had to go through the torture of a poorly written set of instructions. I would never have figured it out, way to go Shelly!! AND the gorgeous sweater Susan knitted with the great fit but too wide of a neckline for her. I think it still looks great but I understand problems like falling off shoulders.

Knitting blanket is calling my name. Hope everyone stays safe and warm inside tonight.



  1. Kay, you sweetie, you! : )

    I love Susan’s sweater pics!

    I look a bit like I’ve been eating a lemon, don’t ya think? : )

    I plan on getting the shawl blocked today. I spent quite a long time yesterday researching the proper way to block a faroese shawl. Hopefully the shoulder shaping will be fine in the blocking.

    Stay warm and careful going out this weekend.


  2. 2
    Terri Says:

    I too am hoping we can make it to guild tomorrow. Today I will stay in and watch the Olympics and knit. I didn’t get much done last night.

    The lady that came on Thursday night is a friend of Jaenells’. Her work is beautiful. Did your new friend show up after I left? I was beat – still am.

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