President’s Day

How cool is this???

Look very closely, if you are linked to my blog or have made comments your name is probably in there!

I’ve been surfing obviously, but did run across something interesting, Southern Knit Bloggers. I have long felt a strong association with the South. After all, I do say ya’ll and I love okra. I’ve had more than one person attempt to convince me that Oklahoma is not considered “south”. I just smile as I know better. Oklahoma is considered to be part of the SOUTHERN Great Plains. And many of the Indian tribes of what was then Oklahoma, alligned themselves with the Confederacy during the Civil War. As most true Okies do, I have two tribes I can trace in my family lineage, Choctaw and Cherokee. And if anyone cares to look, pick up any Southern Living Magazine and look up events and see where Oklahoma is listed…..South. Need I say more? lol I’ve always been drawn to movies, books etc. associated with the South. I used to work with a guy who taught writing classes. He was always looking for recently released books to use as assigned reading. I suggested The Secret Life of Bees. And some how that started our conversation on the many novels about The South. I even suggested a title for his next book, Tales of the South as Told on the Porch. Oh well, all of that to try to explain why I was so tickled to see the Southern Knit Bloggers. I have joined and am now a proud member!!

Unlike so many others, I am at work today. It is very quiet and the phones are not ringing off the hook like so many other Mondays. It does seem rather odd though as this is the first President’s Day I’ve worked in over thirty years!! I hope “ya’ll” are enjoying your day off. I must get back to the grindstone.



  1. 1
    Emily Says:

    Very cool! I made a word cloud a while ago but never posted about it, and I got the t-shirt from them, too.

  2. Thanks for the info about Southern Knitters, Kay. And, I’m checking out the Oklahoma Knitters webring, too!

    Love your word cloud.

    Shelly : )

  3. Where did you find the word cloud? Very cool! Even as a transplant Okie (I HATE okra), I love being SOUTHERN!

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