A Saturday filled with friends

This has been one very nice day. I got up and around and was on the road by 8:45 this morning. Ran a few errands and made it to Knitty Committee. I think I counted 17 or 18 people. I took a few pictures:

Later on Emily and I had the greatest pleasure of meeting THE Yarn Inspector, aka Sugar.

And the pretty lady holding Miss Sugar is Susan, who thinks she has chubby cheeks. She and Shelly are starting a chubby cheek club. I think I belong too. It is very obvious the YI is in her most favorite spot in the whole world, her mama’s lap.

Later on Emily and I dropped in on Margaret at The Gourmet Yarn. I’m afraid we kept her late yacking as usual!!! We ran into Susan (founder of our Norman group) there.

When I arrived home I think someone smelled a strange sugar scent on me.



  1. 1
    Terri Says:

    Yes it was a good day. I think Susan’s cheeks look nice and rosy too.

  2. I LOVE Susan’s cheeks! : )

    Kay, what is knitty committee?

    Sounds like you had a wonderful day yesterday. Hope you had a wonderful day today, too!


  3. 3
    Emily Says:

    I love the Lexi photo–very Hitchcockian. . .

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