Sleepy Sunday

I’m in a knitting slump. I took the yarn for the baby blanket back yesterday. Margaret had other yarn from that company that had some color issues. So she is sending all of it back so they can see the problems. I’ve been playing with Koigu and a lace pattern I found in my old trusty Reader’s Digest Complete Guide to Needlework. I can tell you what I’m good at…..getting about 4 or 7 rows into the pattern and messing up. lol I think I started that pattern 4 times in the past two days and the needles are bare at this moment. I know I have yarn in the stash that needs to be knitted. I just have to get the inspiration. Does anyone else get in these kind of slumps? I know I used to sew and I’d run into several problems and then just lose my drive.

Lexi napping in the sun.



  1. Yes, I get those slumps, too!

    Rule #1 for me with lace knitting….always use a life line….every few rows at least! : )

    I LOVE your kitty picture!


  2. 2
    Kay Says:

    This post has been removed by the author.

  3. 3
    Kay Says:

    Maybe I’ll spell correctly this time….lol…Thank you, Shelly. She is my little angel even when the claws are out.

  4. 4
    Emily Says:

    Lexi is pretty adorable. Love the lighting.

  5. 5
    Terri Says:

    I would love a Sunday afternoon doing what Lexi is doing.

    Slump – SNAP OUT OF IT! You don’t have time for a slump! ha

  6. I have the same problem periodically. I buy a couple of knitting mags or I drag something out of the book case and PLAN. But I don’t knit till I feel like it. So just look at books for inspiration. It’ll all come together.
    I love the pic of Lexi – what a cutie!

  7. 7
    rebecca Says:

    does this mean you’ve finished the metro squares bag?

    I’d suggest catching up on some nagging chores or indulging in some other crafty passion for a bit-your knitting muse will return (maybe when you see a friend start something new!)

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