Knitting Story

I heard an interesting story today. A friend of mine told me about a conversation she had with a woman from Cuba. This friend was telling the Cuban lady that she was going to join our knitting group this coming Thursday. The lady was very excited to hear about knitting. It seems when she was in Cuba, she used to knit. She said that knitting needles were very expensive and she couldn’t afford to buy any but she wanted fashionable garments to wear. You’ll never guess what she used? Sticks? Pencils? No. She said she used the spokes from a bicycle wheel, and ground the tip to make it more pointed. Talk about creative!!! She also mentioned she sometimes used a fork!!! Just goes to prove, where there is a will there is a way!



  1. 1
    katie Says:

    Wow! That’s some serious MacGyver knitting! lol

  2. Knitting with a fork? Wow!

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