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Ok, since the html on the eye quiz isn’t working…..I thought I’d post on manners. I was surfing for blog etiquette or manners. Honestly looking for buttons that are ok to use on your blog, stuff like that. But then I ran across a blog by Dave Barry, the humorist, on manners. Bingo!!! One of my favorite topics!! So I thought I’d take my own poll, of all my many readers 😉 and ask “what is your number one pet peeve when it comes to manners”?



  1. 1
    Rosemary Says:

    I truly don’t like to be interrupted and get upset when I feel like whoever I was talking to wasn’t really listening. But then, if it didn’t happen all the time maybe it wouldn’t bug me as much 🙂

    I also don’t like general unfriendliness.

  2. 2
    Anonymous Says:

    it is truly silly, i know…but when i moved from the south, i missed folks holding the door open. not the “i’m a woman hold the door open thing”, but the “i’m a human being 4 steps behind you walking into the gas station kind of thing”. it grates on me every time…and i still feel compelled to hold the door open myself, (my inner general still sounds like my mother, no matter how old i get!)…

  3. 3
    Jen Says:

    I really had to think hard about this one Kay – I have so many!! But I would say my number one pet peeve for today is…..let people off of the elevator before you get on. That bugs me to death!! We’re in the same hurry to get off as you are to get on! Hehe! I know it’s crazy. 🙂

    Rosemary – I know exactly how you feel. My boss is like that and I feel like she is too busy thinking about what she is going to say next rather than listening to me. Good one!

  4. 4
    Kay Says:

    I’m very glad I ASKED this question because so far, I agree with all of you. I don’t know that I could say which one was numero uno with me. Anyone else have any pet peeve manner violations??

  5. Well, I agree with the others. And, I have a few driving manners pet peeves.

    I really get annoyed by speeders and the folks that choose to continue speeding along in a closing lane so that they can cut in front of everyone else that followed the rules and changed into the open lanes when directed.

    I think also when folks are dismissive of others and their concerns, it really cooks my goose. The self-centered folks can really get on my last nerve.

    Oh, and one other thing….when folks choose to cut others down to make themselves feel better. This is probably #1 on my list as most irritating.

    How’s this for a list? : )


  6. 6
    anita Says:

    This isn’t exactly manners but it is a pet peeve. I hate it when someone says “have a good ‘un” or even have a good day instead of “thank you”. Especially in stores when I’ve just spent my money there.

  7. Great question, Kay! (and I had to go out find Dave Barry’s site, he’s so funny).

    I think one of my biggest manners peeve is when others think they know more than you and are way too happy to enlighten you. (this actually happens a lot in my job, the whole world knows more about real estate than the realtor!)

    I also hate it when I’m talking to someone and someone else tries to interrupt. No one is THAT important!

  8. 8
    rebecca Says:

    it really bugs me when someone says they will do something at a particular time with you, then they decide they don’t feel like it, but they don’t tell you and you are left to figure it out for yourself. Passive aggressive behaviour is what I’m talking ’bout.

  9. 9
    Kay Says:

    I’m on the phone tonight with a friend. I told this friend about my blog poll. I also told this friend that probably my top pet peeve is someone who is so self-centered that they think what they have to say is important enough to interrupt. Within 10 minutes, the said friend interrupts me to tell me what’s on tv. I give.

  10. 10
    katie Says:

    A big pet peeve of mine is when someone constantly tries to one-up you during a conversation. Usually, it’s if you are talking about something unpleasant. Their next line will be something like, “Oh, you think that’s bad? That’s nothing compared to…” Instead of listening to your tale, they want you to know that they have it worse! A lot of my coworkers exhibit this behavior–I call it the Martyr Syndrome!

  11. 11
    Terri Says:

    Pet Peeves – oh yes I have a few. But, Mostly I am trying to look at myself to see if I portray what bugs me. During my driving I pray a lot. “Dear Lord, help this guy in front of me.” Conversations – I don;t like the negative attitudes. Also, people being so judgemental. I work very hard on this one for myself. I don’t want to fall into it.

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