Burger King Moon

Can you tell we had a full house at Border’s tonight? I counted 15 at one time and I think that was before Shanidy, Karen, Jan and Shelly showed up. Our group is growing!! Susan B., Emily and Polly drove all the way from NW OKC to knit with us. I’m so glad they did.

Shelly brought her cone of Zephyr and it had “squeezability”. An important factor for me. lol Shanidy brought Hadley pictures. It’s so incredible that they can show such wonderful detail with ultrasounds.

Rebecca was working on a beautiful blue clapotis. Vanessa started her lime basket weave tank. Karen was working on a pretty blue variegated baby blanket. Susan was making fast work of I-cord. Jan started a hat. Angeli had on a beautiful sweater she had knitted. Susan F. had on a pretty cashmere sweater. Rosemary was working on some pretty pink socks. Madea was working on a fun fur scarf. Emily was working on her shrug. If you come to Border’s to knit, you cannot leave without inspiration for all kinds of projects.

Does anyone else walk out of Border’s at night and (in their periphial vision) think the Burger King sign is a full moon?

PS: If you see Jan and she looks a little tired, please understand that paying for a Rolex can wear a girl out. 😉



  1. Absolutely Kay! Kim and I have often commented on how we always think the Burger King sign is a full moon. : ) We talked about that earlier this week!

    I had a blast tonight! : )


  2. 2
    rebecca Says:

    here’s a small world comment:

    My in-laws’ priest (Beverly) whom they adore and have over to drink wine and laugh together is also Emily’s good friend-they went to the same seminary. I’m taking my MIL to the hairdresser this morning, can’t wait to tell her I knit with the priest who officiated at her friend’s mother’s funeral!

    I love all the pictures you take of the people who come and detail what everybody is working on. We came for the knitting, but we stay for the friendships we are forming.

  3. 3
    Kay Says:

    Rebecca, Emily is from the midwest and just moved here last May I believe, and I’ve already heard her tell at least one or two small-world stories. It is a small world!! And yes, the knitting that brings us together is the secondary reason now. I get excited about going to knit but I am more excited about getting to visit with everyone!

  4. Isn’t this just the greatest group! I’m wishing that there were more Thursdays each week! : )

    The friendships are the very best!


  5. 5
    Kay Says:

    I know, I get excited when Thursday gets here or anxious when it’s too far away. lol Do you think we should start asking for 3 tables???? The guy didn’t come around to ask if we needed anything last night like he normally does. Next week I’ll have to hunt him down. lol

  6. 6
    Emily Says:

    It was too much fun last night. It took me forever to wind down.

  7. I didn’t notice the sign, but I sure enjoyed the group! What fun!

    Not much of a fiber hangover today either!

    I’m glad you take so many pics!

  8. 8
    Terri Says:

    I’ve noticed that sign before and thought the same thing. ha

    You all had such a good time last night. Yep, Jan – be careful what you ask for… ha

    I think this was a secret meeting of the CCC.

  9. 9
    Tandi Says:

    Thanks for sharing those pics, I’ve really missed the group. Looks like there was a full house! Hope to make it this week.

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