Ten Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

1. I was born in a town called Hominy.

2. My dad told me a “story” when I was a child that my middle name was after a bum he found laying in a ditch who he gave a ride to.

3. I have a degree in Spanish.

4. I am not fluent or anywhere near it.

5. I have always had a secret desire to be a singer.

6. I graduated Cum Laude.

7. I have the largest short term memory capacity.

8. At one time I thought I wanted 20 kids.

9. I came to my senses.

10. I used to have baby dreams and now I have death dreams.

Wouldn’t this yarn in vanilla make a gorgeous clapotis?



  1. 1
    anita Says:

    1. food names are good.
    2. what is your middle name?
    3. I’m impressed!
    4. oh well, that’s okay.
    5. I’m a singer, it’s no big deal! People “expect” things from you.
    6. Wow, congratulations
    7. I’m not sure I understand.
    8. what were you thinking?!
    9. Whew!!
    10. My dreams always seem to involve me looking for my car in a parking lot dressed in my jammies and robe??
    Well this was fun someone else do one!

  2. Thanks for sharing you *10 things*. : ) 20 kids? WOW! I always wanted 4.

    I think the vanilla colorway is gorgeous. Actually, I think all the colors are great. What yarn is it?

    I hope you’re having a great rainy Saturday and to see you at Guild tomorrow. : )


  3. 3
    Kay Says:

    Anita, my middle name is Lea (the story was a joke), and my largest short term memory means I can remember it long enough to “pass” then I forget it all. lol

    Shelly, that is the Fiesta yarn like I bought last weekend…I found the list of colorways it comes in and thought a clapotis in the vanilla would look beautiful.

    See you tomorrow!!!

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