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Screwdrivers, pliers and me

April 30, 2006

There is a very good reason God made me a female. He knew I could do things with my hands and that my fingers would be nimble and fly at times. He also knew I probably couldn’t talk very well without my hands to use for emphasis. So today I got up and my plans were to go to Hancock’s (patterns were on sale). Then I remembered I wanted to go to Lowe’s also to get a grill. So I get up and get around and drive over to Lowe’s where about 1/5 of Norman was also shopping. Found a decent parking spot and grabbed a cart and saw all the beautiful flowers and plants. I knew the spring flower bug had nipped at my heels and especially since every day on my way to work there is a certain pot of perky petunias that wave at me from a neighbor’s yard. Ok, I can look at the flowers and then go get a grill. So I passed by the zinnias and those are always good late into the summer so I grabbed four small pots of those. Then I went inside and found some purple and white petunias. They are sooo pretty. I put some of those in my cart and then saw some purple, red and pinks and had to get those also. Then I remembered I needed to get my tomato plants. I’m patio gardening so I only got two but they are heirloom tomatoes. Yippee!! I go inside and they don’t have my grill in stock. Darn it. So I check out and load my trunk. Wal-Mart is just across the street and I could park on the side and slip into the garden center door. The grills are just inside. Eureka! I found my grill plus a small patio table. I load everything in the car. Off to Hancock’s. I found several patterns I wanted, browsed the fabric for a very short bit, checked out and left. I decided to skip the grocery store and head home. I had a grill to assemble and some swatches to knit not to mention the usual laundry and cleaning screaming to be done. I had planned on breaking that grill in this afternoon. But that is when the assembly of the grill got to me. I thought you screwed the nut over the end of the screw but I quickly found out that I had to hold the nut and use the screwdriver to screw it into the nut. Geeez, that seems so backwards. But it was the only way it was going to work. Those nuts were in some tight, small spaces and my fingers couldn’t hold it and twist at the same time. The handles, whew!!! Is there some engineering reason why the holes on the handles were placed about 1/2 inch wider than the holes on the grill?? I had to fight and squeeze this metal handle to get the holes to line up with the holes on the body of the grill and it just flat wore me out. Assembly on the grill took me two hours. God knows my hands and strength are better used on yarn, knitting needles, fabric and thread than to fight and twist and fumble with metal, screws, nuts and pliers. Thank you God. I prefer being a woman.

So this is the reason I went out:

This is what I bought:

The plant fairy gave me this pot of New Guinea Impatiens:

Susan may have the Yarn Inspector, but I have the Grill Inspector:


Linen and Koigu

April 29, 2006

Terri, Rosemary and I took a road trip today. We braved the torrential rain and drove up to Tulsa to visit some yarn shops. We first stopped by Fringe. Small shop but it’s more a knitting lounge with some yarn, needles and books to pique a knitter’s interest. We then drove to Utica Square to Loops. There were a group of knitters at the table up front and one of those knitters was one brave man who was knitting also. I met Kendall and Shelly. Shelly owns the shop and Kendall is a designer who works there as a second job. They have some gorgeous designer yarn. I saw some Debbie Bliss Silk. I have never had such a difficult time putting a skein of yarn back in the display as I did this yarn. It is not only gorgeous but so silky soft!! No wonder it’s called Silk. Lucious, lucious yarn. Next we drove over to Stitchworks on Sheridan. We were good yarn dieters there. We managed to fondle and drool and then walked away. The last store we hit was Naturally Needlepoint on South Lewis. And as you can tell by my pictures, I caved. I have been pouring over Mason Dixon Knitting and recognized the Euroflax Geneva Linen yarn Ann and Kay use for the linen hand towels. I’ve read before that linen washcloths are THE BEST. So I turned and fretted and couldn’t decide which color to choose and finally decided to get the pinky-peach color. Then I noticed they had a pretty decent selection of Koigu!!! Yippee!! I don’t know what it is about that yarn but I LOVE it! I think Rosemary and Terri do also as all three of us bought some.

By then the rain was just an annoying sprinkle or two. And we made a run to Wild Oats. I think Rosemary fell in love. She wanted to do some serious grocery shopping. But of course we had no way to keep any refrigerated items cool so that wasn’t practical. We did notice a man in the parking lot loading his Wild Oats groceries into three separate coolers he had in the back of his SUV. Terri figured he drove a good distance to do his shopping and had come prepared. And all three of us were wondering why on earth Oklahoma City doesn’t have either a Wild Oats or a Whole Foods Market? If any of you know the answer to that, please let one of us know.

So after picking up a few healthily prepared items from Wild Oats, Terri and I drug the vegetarian Rosemary over to Coney I-Lander. Terri and I wanted EXIT Coneys. I’m sure you are scratching your head wondering what on earth is an exit coney. Let me tell you the rules when I go to Tulsa. I am not allowed to get on the road heading west to OKC unless I’ve had a coney from Coney I-lander. Therefore: in order to exit Tulsa, I have to get an Exit Coney. 🙂 If you’ve never had one, you need to try it. Terri and her husband Kevin tried them for the first time last week. I think they were very pleased as they sent me a text message to say how good they were! And Kevin sent his order for coneys for Terri to bring home. lol

Once we got back on I-44 and headed west the rain was ending. Doesn’t that just figure? lol We talked on the way back trying to decide what to take to the Knit-In next week at Gourmet Yarn. It’s a Cinco de Mayo theme and I think I know what Rosemary is bringing. Terri won’t make it as she has a birthday party to go to. I was trying to think what would be good and Mexican that wasn’t salsa as I’m sure there will be several batches of homemade salsa. So I think I’ve come up with an idea. It’s going to remain a secret for now. But I think it will be delicious!!!

Completion Issues

April 27, 2006

I was a Bluebird for a year during the 2nd grade. I seem to recall there was a pledge about finishing what I start. Maybe that is why we only had a troup for one year, we couldn’t finish what we started?? lol I read knitting blogs almost every day. I’ve tried to branch out and read some I’ve never seen before. While on this mission I’ve noticed most knitting bloggers have COMPLETED ITEM pictures. It made me realize I have INCOMPLETE ITEM pictures. I have the never ending baby blanket, the entrelac bag, socks that might get cast on but never finished, a Christmas stocking for Lexi that might be 2.5 inches long, a knitting bag I’ve cast on two times and frogged, several unfinished washcloths. Hmmmmmm I think I have so many incomplete items that I can’t remember them all. I tried to figure out why I don’t finish my projects and the only reasons I can come up with are 1. I get bored with the project and lose interest and 2. I get “startitis” and have to fulfill my need for the adrenalin rush I get starting a new project.

I also realize this problem occurs in other things I do like sewing and reading. I’ve thrown out so many unfinished items of clothing it isn’t even funny. I can honestly say there are fewer books I’ve started reading that I haven’t finished. Does anyone else suffer from this problem??

For your viewing pleasure, I have up close and personal pictures of Norman’s Favorite Son in statue, James Garner.

Trivia question: What did his character Maverick always keep pinned on the inside of his coat?

Alphabet Meme

April 25, 2006

Thanks, Emily. I will follow your lead.

Accent: Definitely Tulsan with just enough ya’ll thrown in to sound deep south.

Booze: Margarita’s on the rocks (I’m not much of a drinker)

Chore I hate: Cleaning the refrigerator

Dog or Cat: one adorable kitty girl

Essential Electronics: Computer, television, digital camera

Favorite Cologne: anything patchouli

Gold or Silver: Silver

Hometown: Sapulpa, OK

Insomnia: when something is on my mind upsetting me

Job Title: Sr. Case Manager

Kids: One son

Living arrangements: Lexi, yarn, books, fabric

Most admirable trait: You’ll have to tell me

Least admirable trait: Negativity (I work hard to try to curb it)

Number of sexual partners: what is sex???

Overnight Hospital Stays: I’ve only been hospitalized twice, don’t recall how many overnights it was but when I was 5 I had tonsils removed and then I was in for about 5 days when I had my son.

Phobias: Heights, snakes.

Quote: There’s nothing more attractive on a man than good manners.

Religion: Raised a Methodist

Siblings: one younger sister (can you tell I’m the oldest by how bossy I am? lol)

Time I wake up: 6:30ish-7:00

Unusual talent or skill: I don’t think I can tell that on here. 🙂

Vegetable I refuse to eat: brussel sprouts

Worst habit: procrastination

X-rays: teeth, arm

Yummy foods I make: brined turkey; tuna casserole; salsa

Zodiac sign: a Leo of course!!

WARNING! This is a bitch/soap box post

April 24, 2006

I just reached a high on the frustration point scale today. My bitch? Why is it so difficult for people (men in particular) to put information on paper?????

I worked with the public for 30 years. For 13 of those years I helped people find jobs. I know filling out forms/applications is a pain in the rear. But how else is an employer going to find out if you are THE ONE for the job?? To me, the epitome of laziness is the person who writes “see resume” on an application. Grrrrrrrrr!!!!! I used to deliver this story in the workshops I conducted. There are some companies (mainly large ones) who are so “by the book” that when they receive applications, they have a person remove everything attached to the application. You know EEO, AA guidelines, make everything fair and equal etc. etc. So if you attached your resume because it would require too much effort to complete their employment application AND you wrote “see resume” on the application, where are you now? You are nothing but a name on a piece of paper, an incomplete piece of paper mind you, and what exactly is it about your name and address that is going to tell the interviewer/manager that you are THE ONE for the job? Your resume was tossed before the application went to the person’s desk who reviews and makes decisions. Also an employer knows their application well. If I needed to hire an employee and I had applications that were half completed or had “see resume” on it, I’d turn it over into the reject pile. As an employer I don’t have time to read YOUR format to see how you fit into MY format.

With that in mind I now work in a law office and I still have to extract information from people. The type of work we do requires submitting information to the federal government. I don’t make up my own rules and regulations. The Feds do that all by themselves and I have to dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s just like they say OR they deny our applications. Their application requires things such as work history to include complete addresses and the name and phone number of the supervisor you had on that job. When the program had major changes last year, I wrote a questionnaire for our clients. This questionnaire does not have alot of fluff on it. In fact, every single question on there, is required on the Fed application. You’d think that these people know their very livelihood depends on this information and that they’d bend over backwards to supply all the details. Nooooooooooooooooo! Not true. And since I have over 30 years experience dealing with people/the public, I have noticed the majority of the troublesome individuals are men. Why????

Ok, I see I am rambling way too much. Maybe I just needed to vent. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day. 🙂

Manners, Kids and Knitting

April 21, 2006

As you can see, I’ve made little progress on the clapotis. I’ve found I have to knit on this while I’m at home alone. I’ve also made a couple of mistakes that I was able to fix! Yippee!! The first one (this time around) I was sure I’d have to start over but I managed to get it repaired. This yarn is sooo soft. It has a tendency to curl as you can tell by the needle point I have placed at the tip.

This is the neverending baby blanket. I took it to the doctor’s office yesterday just in case I had to wait. Oh boy! Two solid hours and that was BEFORE I got to see the doctor. So needless to say I knitted many rows instead of the several I had planned.

While I was waiting yesterday, I had the misfortune of witnessing children gone wild. What is it about a parent who lets their child run wild in a store or office? I know when I was a kid I knew I would get spanked if I misbehaved like that. When my son was little I kept him beside me, with his hand in mine (although he didn’t always like that). I was the mean ole lady at my former office in Tulsa. When people let their children run around unattended, I’d gather the kids and take them to their parent and tell them this is a business office and you need to keep your children by your side while you are here. The parent yesterday, thank God, left with the children when she heard her doctor had been called out for an emergency. Whew! So today I come home and I’m sitting here in the den and I see bicycle wheels cutting across my yard. I noticed this the other evening but didn’t make it to the window or door in time to see exactly who it was. Today I saw one go by and ran to the door, again the child was past the fence and I couldn’t see who it was. So I waited, and opened the door again just in time to see this little girl (about 7 or 8) cutting right across my grass to go to her house. I guess because my yard has a bit of a slope to it that it makes for a more daredevil ride?? You would have been proud of me. I NICELY asked her to stay on the sidewalk and to not ride across the grass anymore. So far, so good. Keep your fingers crossed!! lol

Terri and I went up to Gourmet Yarn last night to crash the sweater club. We had a nice time. Saw some pretty items in progress. I noticed Margaret has posted the pictures so you can access them at her website.

And to close, I want to share my own little saying I came up with years ago.

There ain’t nothing more attractive on a man than good manners. – Kay

Lazy Easter Sunday

April 16, 2006

I think this is the first weekend where I’ve had nothing I HAD to do in quite awhile. So how have I filled these two lovely days? I finished the pink bunting. I managed to make a bigger mess in the extra bedroom (it has been filled with boxes ever since I moved here). I’ve done laundry and I sewed. That’s why I made the bigger mess in the extra bedroom, digging for sewing supplies. Today I went to Wal-Mart in the hopes that everyone else in town would be at church, hunting Easter eggs and having their Easter dinners. lol No such luck!! I stopped at Sonic on the way home to get something to drink and even it was completely packed!! lol Ok, maybe my thinking was a little naive.

This is what I’ve been sewing on. And yes the front is shorter than the back. My natural waistline is 2.5 inches lower in front than it is in back. Maybe because of all the junk in my trunk? lol Anyway, that is an alteration I make to the pattern so HOPEFULLY my hemline hangs even when I wear the skirt.

And guess what this is??? (I think this is the fourth time I’ve started this and the furthest I’ve gotten, cross your fingers for me!!)

On the way home I heard Different Drum by Linda Ronstadt. I have always liked that song. Nice melody and easy to sing along with, she and I have a similar range…lol But there is one teeny tiny lyric in that song that just bugs me every time I hear it. It reminds me of a row of perfect strawberries and then realizing there is one bitter brussel sprout right in the middle. The line that says I’m not ready for any person, place or thing……did anyone else remember that is the definition of a noun from our grammar books? So every time I hear it I wonder did the song writer just have a mental block and that is all he/she could come up with? Had they just left their English grammar class and it was fresh in their mind? lol How about I’m not ready for any noun. It feels like a bump in the middle of the road. Oh well. Maybe it’s just me. Oh, by the way, I looked up the lyrics and saw who wrote it, Mike Nesmith, the Monkee who wore the stocking cap. The one who’s mom invented Liquid Paper.

Will it ever make it?

April 14, 2006

Oohhh, look what I bought today. Opal sock yarn!! And Terri!!! It’s in MY colors!! lol

As you can tell Margaret got some Opal sock yarn in today. She had six different colors and this is the one that had to come home with me. I wondered why the Opal page had a link to “how to read the Opal label”. Now I know why, it’s all in German!! lol Anyway, six colors and more coming. She said there are some new colors and she is on the list to receive them. Yippee!!

I told my boss today that I needed to leave early as I was running up to OKC to my yarn shop. Now most of you would wonder how he’d respond to that, right? He told me had heard an interview on NPR of a gal who knits and has written a book. He turned around to his computer and pulled it up, Debbie Stoeller and the Happy Hooker. lol Now isn’t that cool? Of course, he knows I knit and I’ve even taught a co-worker how to knit. But I am just guessing that the title of that book caught his attention also. lol

Now the big question is: Will the Opal sock yarn ever make it into socks?

The Magic Lexi ball says:

It’s doubtful.

Wikipedia Info

April 13, 2006

1846The United States annexes New Mexico
1901Cadillac Motor Company founded
2001 – the Trojan room coffee pot is switched off for the last time.

1893Dorothy Parker, American writer (d. 1967)
1920Ray Bradbury, American writer
1934Norman Schwarzkopf, U.S. general

1977Sebastian Cabot, English-born actor (b. 1918) 1991Colleen Dewhurst, Canadian actress (b. 1924)

Does this tell you I have nothing new going on? lol

Guild Meeting

April 11, 2006

We had a pretty nice group this past Sunday, 29 total I believe. I see lots of new faces or at least new ones to me! each time. We had three newbies who came wanting to learn how to knit. Yippee! Susan did a great job showing us how to figure gauge.

We had several donations for the charity knitting. We also learned from Anna that the hospital would like hats for babies in addition to the preemies. I liked the sound of that, especially since I was having a hard time trying to knit a tiny hat. I was very resistant to using DPN’s and had just about decided I was going to break down and do so. It would not have been a pretty picture. lol

This is Anita. Sorry for the quality of the picture. I had several that turned out blurry, some worse than this one. Anita is one of our members who is with the Metro Library System. Yay Anita! She must carry a big stick that I never see as she makes things happen at the library when we have our guild meetings.

And this is Emily. I hope all of you have gone to her website to see the very nice ass she has posted. 🙂 (You didn’t think I’d pass up that opportunity, did you Emily?? lol) She knitted the turtleneck shrug from Scarf Style and asked this very gracious lady (I apologize I cannot remember her name) to model it for her. I do remember the gracious lady had a sweet and lovely daughter who was knitting jewelry.

We had show-n-tell and Susan made us go around the room to say our name and show our items. Darn her. As usual, I had NOTHING to show. So I dazzled the room with my frogging abilities and offered to frog projects if they needed my services.

That’s the guild update. For those of you who haven’t been, we do hope you’ll join us. Next month we’ll be back to our regular schedule of 3rd Sunday from 3 to 5. Belle Isle Library on NW Expressway and Villa.