I have Bette Davis……..yarn

I HAD to go by Gourmet Yarn today. Margaret got the Schaefer in this week!!! As you can see I had to buy Bette Davis. I love the red and purple color combo. There is some pink and orange in the mix but the red and purple are the dominant colors.

It’s a lace weight yarn so I’m trying to find the perfect pattern. I am pretty sure I’ll knit a wrap or stole from it. But I am fairly picky. I don’t like frilly, foo-foo stuff. No hearts or floral motifs for me. I think I’ll use the same pattern Karen was using on her buffalo wrap. It is nice, a lace pattern, no foo-foo frilly stuff.

Speaking of Karen…….She came in while I was there. Excuse my picture taking, she was NOT asleep…..I caught her mid blink. But as you can tell, how content can a woman get….pizza in one hand and YARN in the other!! My kinda Gal!!!

There is an exciting announcement that will be made at the OKC Metro Knitter’s Guild tomorrow. I know some know the WHO but not the WHERE. Belle Isle Library, North Entrance, 3-5!!! Bring your current project and/or show-n-tell.


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