Nina and Bathing Beauty

Here is Bathing Beauty 3/4 finished. This has really been a fun quick project to knit. Karen taught me how to do a provisional cast-on. I made it up the center section only having to frog a couple of times and even then it was only necessary to frog a few rows. I learned one new stitch while knitting the top section and that was sk2p. Just in case you don’t know that one either it’s slip one as to knit and then knit 2 together, slip the slipped knit stitch over the k2tog. Pretty easy in my books! I was really smiling when I saw that V lace pattern appearing in the top section. Now I have to undo the provisional and pick up 45 stitches to do the same on the bottom. I feel confident.

Here is the Nina Shawl. That wide black section at the top of the picture is the halfway mark. Wednesday night I completed the hot pink section so I’m on the downhill side. I have to reverse until I have the other end looking like this half. Then it’s pickup time again to knit a black ruffle on each end. I think it’s looking pretty good if I do say so myself.

Tonight is Knit-in at Gourmet Yarn. I made Paula Deen’s “Not Yo Mama’s Banana Pudding”. It looked pretty tasty before I put a cover on it. Today promises to be a knitting filled day. I’m taking a Toe-Up Sock class with Karen, Jan, Anita and Terri. I hope we don’t cause Margaret too much trouble. With the exception of Anita, I’m afraid Margaret has a class of problem children. Oh well….I bet we have fun no matter what. A one hour break and the knit-in begins!! Oh this will also be probably the earliest Jan and Karen have ever made knit-in. 😉

And this is the lovely Lexi asleep. I was trying to get a picture of her little clay-colored nose peeping out and I did but look at those feet, spots, stripes and touches of white. She is the true beauty.



  1. 1
    anita Says:

    Well, darn! I want to be a problem childen too, but I’m afraid I’ve spent too many years being the “good” child!!

  2. 2
    MG Says:

    Anita, It won’t take long to turn into a “problem” child by hanging around those guys! lol
    Kay -The pudding was delicious and my banana-addict son went ape-crazy happy when I brought left-overs home to him! It’s the best he’s ever had! (me, too)
    I’m finally recuperating after that class. lol Can’t wait to blog about that one!

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