Yarn, yarn and yarn!

I was on the road by 8:25 this morning. You know it has to be something really good to get me up, dressed and driving by that time on a Saturday!! I drove over to Karen’s and we jumped in the car and headed north. Why? Today was the big anniversary sale at GOURMET YARN!! I missed the first anniversary sale last year as I was out of town so I was ready for the second sale. You can never tell how long it will take to get from Norman/Moore to Gourmet Yarn because of the traffic. Today we made great time and pulled into the parking lot at 9:30. The lights were out, was Margaret there? I called and she wasn’t answering. I know she comes in early and always gets a bunch of work done before the doors open. I understand the calm and peace of no interruptions or phones ringing etc. But Karen and I wanted in!!! So we drove around back to see if Margaret’s car was there, yep!! So I pull up to the back door and Karen hops out to knock. She turns to come back to the car when Margaret opens the door a little surprised at who she finds. She thought it was Sandy but nope only two of her problem children. She kindly lets us in but we have to behave. So we chat a bit and then people are starting to gather at the front door. Margaret says we’re gonna get her in trouble and kicks us out with everyone else until the store opens. lol Okkkkk, we’ll be good. Karen and I had pretty much planned on what we were going to get anyway. So once the store opened we immediately gathered the definites we knew we wanted.

We started a pile on the table. After all, I’m really into “bonding” with my yarn before I make my final purchase. Sometimes I need the yarn to talk to me for awhile before I pay for it. This is my pile and you can catch a glimpse of Karen’s stack in the background.

This is Terri’s modest pile. Emily shared the loveseat with Karen and knitted on her aran afghan. She was very good as she’d hit some yarn shops while on vacation.

It’s kinda funny Terri, Karen and I all sat down to knit with our potential purchases in front of us. Here is Terri working on her toe up sock she started last week.

Here is Karen checking out a new book and Emily browsing thru some vacation pictures on her camera.

These pictures were taken before lunch. It’s probably a good thing. lol We piled into Margaret’s van and ran to Bahama Breeze. We decide we need a nice drink with our lunch. While we are pouring over the drink menu it occurs to me that we are laughing and carrying on so that they might just refuse to serve us as one MIGHT think we’ve had a few before we walked in the doors. lol I ordered my first mojito. I have a friend from Cuba who has always told me how good those are but I’ve never had one. It was decent. lol You have to remember I’m not much of a drinker and when I do a nice margarita on the rocks is good for me. By the time I ate my lunch and finished the tumbler sized mojito, I was very glad I wasn’t driving. We make it back to the shop safe and sound but I know I’m not getting behind the wheel any time soon. I’m such a cheap drunk!! lol And just for the record, I did not get behind the wheel for at least two more hours. So OKC was safe!

And here it is!!! This is the pile of my purchases. Can you see the theme? Blues and greens….I’m so predictable!! lol

This is Cascade Quatro and I plan to make a felted bag out of this yarn.

This is an ambitious purchase. Regia Silk Sock Yarn!! I’m gambling on the fact that I WILL learn how to knit socks. lol I can do a toe up and I can start a cuff. It’s the heel and wraps that is the challenge. Rosemary tried to show me Thursday. I was getting the wrap down ok, it’s the one single stitch that I kept pulling up that was wrong. lol

This picture is a little dark. The outer two skeins are a heathered olive. One of these days….lol….I plan to knit a child’s sweater for two reasons. It will be a learning lesson for me and as long as it’s wearable it will go to some child who needs a warm winter sweater.

And this is the Angora Karen and I spotted last week while at the Knit-In. I love how soft this yarn is and the color just looks so elegant. I think I’ll knit a scarf out of this but for the meantime it’s fondling yarn.

And that is it. We arrived before the doors opened and left at 3. I love spending time with my friends who share a common passion. I think we’d have a great time together even if we were not knitting but that just puts icing on the cake. Mmmmmm, angora cake? fluffy fuzzy icing……the colors and skeins are floating thru my head.


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    rebecca Says:

    sounds like a wonderful outing, with great friends, the beautiful yarn is bonus!

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