Hot August Night

I grew up hearing how hot the month of August was the year I was born. My mother told me they were so poor that she couldn’t afford to buy but one or two maternity outfits. Because of this when she’d stay home and not venture outside, she’d put on a skirt she wore previous to pregnancy but the skirt had the stomach cut out. She wore a maternity top that covered her swollen belly but she’d never go anywhere in this. She also told about putting a wet towel over the fan so the fan would blow a cooler stream of air. One evening while she was trying to find some relief from the heat, someone knocked on the door. She was so embarrassed as it was the local preacher and his wife coming to call. You can’t exactly turn them away at the door!! So she sat there trying to keep the top over her bare pregnant belly. Oh wait….I went waaaaaaaay off my point here. lol Like that is a surprise to any of you who know me?? lol The point was that the summer of 1954 was one of the hottest on record. I do remember a summer a few years back that broke that record. But I think THIS summer is breaking all records. So with that in mind it would stand to reason that my air conditioner pooped out a month ago with a freon leak. Two weeks later my whole block lost electricity for 6 hours. A week after that my car battery dies with the strain of this wicked heat. Then last night my whole block loses electricity AGAIN for 6 hours. And as I woke up this morning I realized my air conditioner is once again not working correctly!! I was very fortunate that the heat and air company came out and got me cool again but it’s not over. They will come back tomorrow to see if there is a leak in my unit out in the garage. And if they find no leak, they know someone is tampering with my AC unit. It seems when they came today and looked at the unit outside some cover on the box was put on upside down. They didn’t cover it like that last month. I haven’t touched it, shoot! I haven’t even looked at it. I asked if this was possibly how a thief would turn off the unit in order to steal the copper from it and they said absolutely. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! I can’t believe people could stoop so low period but especially so when it’s so miserably hot!

Ok, I’ll step off the soap box now.

Today was August Guild meeting. I think we had the largest group so far!! I counted 34 heads. I took a few pictures and if Blogger cooperates I’ll have those posted with this blog. We had a program on socks. Ginny had many nice pairs of socks she’s knitted over the years for the group to see. She had plenty of reference material she has obtained. She will post those links to the Metro OKC Knitter’s Guild site so they’ll be accessible to guild members. We had show n tell and I have to admit that is my very favorite part. We even have some jr. guild members who knit some mighty fine looking items. Susan wasn’t able to make the meeting today because of health issues. I’d like to ask everyone to keep Susan in their prayers.

After guild I had the best group of friends meet me for dinner tonight. Margaret, Karen, Emily, Shelly, Rosemolly, Terri and Jan met me at Alfredo’s in Moore. We had a great time and we didn’t get kicked out or told to be quiet a single time! lol (And Margaret calls us troublemakers!!!) I got some great birthday cards and some lovely gifts. I noticed a couple of “themes” to my cards. There were two cat/kitten cards and SEVERAL seemed to have old ladies on the fronts. Hmmmmmmm, do you think they are trying to TELL me something??? Ok, ladies, I may be the oldest of that group but only by five months!!! lol I took my camera into the restaurant to take pictures and then forgot all about it until after Terri left. So I didn’t take any pictures at all. Sorry!!

These are some of the gifts I received. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! And can you imagine this? I got three gift certificates to my favorite yarn shop!!! Yippee!!!!!! Oh? what shop? Gourmet Yarn of course!! And just to step over to the mushy side, all of you really make me feel good that I have all of you as friends.

I started the washcloth from the pattern Karen gave me. After four aborted starts, I think I finally have it now!! lol It sure does help when you read ALL the instructions. This is called Swish with a Twist from Creative Knitting magazine.



  1. 1

    Love the washcloth. I just was thinking of trying thst one so now you got me. Next project. Oh yeah and I was enjoying the MOM story. 🙂

  2. 2
    rebecca Says:

    Happy belated birthday! It looks like it was an excellent time. Hope to see you soon!

  3. 3
    Terri Says:

    It looks like Blogger was working okay with your pictures – what’s your secret!

    Happy Birthday to you…..

  4. 4
    Kay Says:

    I loaded one picture Sunday night. Then Monday it let me load one more that morning I think. The rest I loaded Monday evening. Blogger really wasn’t acting very nice.

  5. 5
    MG Says:

    Enjoyed the party! What did you find out about the air? I wonder why thieves would only pick on your block again and again?

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