Finished Object!

This is Swish with a Twist from Creative Knitting Magazine. Karen, thank you for bringing this pattern to my attention. I was in dire need for a quick and easy gratification item. This was it. It’s too pretty to use. I’ll just tuck it away probably. I have a few I knitted a year ago out of cheap cotton Hobby Lobby yarn and I don’t use those either. lol It seems like such a waste of precious knitting stitches. I guess I’m more of a process knitter.

Now I never noticed how much the camera could mess up a color. But this is the same washcloth as in the above picture. It looks blue not aqua! How strange! Anyway, the color in the picture above is true this picture is not.

And Lexi says: do you see what I have to go thru? Sigh!



  1. 1
    Rosemary Says:

    Adorable: the washcloth and the kitty.

  2. 2
    rebecca Says:

    Now, Kay, the Mason Dixon Ladies say:

    “MUST use the knitted items!”

    especially when they are as nice as yours

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