Sunday Update

Although I have neglected my blog for a bit, I have been knitting. So I thought I’d take today and give you an update on my WIP’s.

This is the boatneck sweater from Minnows, Too. This is the one I’m knitting for CIC. As you can see I have one sleeve completed. The hold up? Picking up stitches on the other side. Sigh!! I’m rather clumsy at it and cuss like a sailor while attempting to do so. Because of that it isn’t a task I want to do while at Barnes and Noble or at Gourmet Yarn. I’m sure you understand.

Bet you thought you’d never see Nina again, huh? lol When I hesitated at picking up stitches on the boatneck, I hastily grabbed Nina. The Nina Shawl from Mason Dixon Knitting has a sure and steady stockinette stitch. No heavy concentration just sure and steady rhythm with enough color change to keep it from becoming boring. A project easily knit while visiting with friends or distracted by traffic in a book store. I even did fair isle while in Barnes and Noble the other evening!! I don’t know why I cringe so, it isn’t all that hard. I can do continental in the knit stitch but I have to drop each color while purling. It’s just not as smooth and rhythmic as single color knitting. I’m half finished with this last section of fair isle. As you can see it’s a rather short rectangle. I think since I appear to have sufficient yarn that I’ll add some color on each end before I complete the ending ruffle. What do you think? Any suggestions on how I should mix the colors?

Lexi votes for spots. Too bad I don’t do intarsia.

Enjoy this beautiful weather!!!



  1. 1
    Beverly Says:

    Kay – Your Nina shawl and the boatneck sweater look good! Picking up stitches is a pain. Even when using a crochet hook, I feel awkward and clumsy – it’s definitely a task for the privacy of your own home!

  2. 2
    Carolyn Says:

    Sweater is too cute! And I have always loved that Nina shawl…can’t wait to see it finished.

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