Fraidy Cat

As most of you know this is Lexi. Those of you who have been reading this blog for awhile know of her fear of ceiling fans not turned on. Lexi had a traumatic day today. Before I left to go out of town I turned off BOTH ceiling fans. When I turned the bedroom fan off she was in the bathtub which meant she had to walk thru the bedroom to get out. I thought I’d carry her into the bedroom and if I spoke to her gently she’d hopefully be ok and maybe accept it if I was with her. Wrong. She nearly tore me up trying to leap out of my arms when she saw the still blades. I turned the fan off in the living room just before I walked out the door. I offered her the traditional “goodbye” foot lovins standing in the hallway to the living room. Nothing doing. She wasn’t budging out of the den. So I left. I did not get home until after 6 and she was hiding in the extra bedroom closet. I’ve turned the living fan on but she isn’t buying it. She has not gone past the hall and did at least peek at the MOVING fan. Any suggestions?

On the knitting front….this is the Irish Knitting Scarf. I’ve completed approximately 14 inches. I will need at least 2 more skeins in addition to the 4 I bought the other day. This is Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran in Quartz. It is a lovely lucious yarn. It does not split easily at all. It’s an easy knit both the pattern and the yarn. I’m hoping with some blocking that the width will expand a bit. I like how the beginning edge of the scarf does it’s own “ruffle” effect. I don’t think it needs fringe at all.


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  1. Maybe if you tried a slow deconditioning with the fans, it might work.

    Try turning the fan off for maybe 5 minutes a day. Gradually increase it about a minute or two per day and maybe she will finally get used to it.

    Sorry, I don’t have any suggestions for tonight. Maybe she’ll go through the area when she gets hungry?

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