Happy Thanksgiving!

Ok, no this is not Lexi. I “borrowed” this picture from another blog I read. I thought it was a funny shot for T-day. I cooked this year. Not only did I cook I invited my mother and her boyfriend and my son to dinner. And other than the fact that my kitchen is the size of a postage stamp, I think everything turned out pretty good. With a table full of the traditional feast items, the best thing of all……..the iced tea. The turkey was great, brined and baked, moist and tender. The dressing was pretty good, great mashed potatoes and gravy, English peas, fruit salad, cranberry sauce, black and green olives, pickled okra, yeast rolls, cherry and pumpkin pie. All great…but the iced tea was the BEST! lol The reason? I have not made any iced tea for months!! My mother and I have this “thing” about our tea with our holiday meal. The tea is always fresh brewed and sweet. Anyone who helps clear the table knows the rules…never, ever remove our tea glasses. We will sip, refill and sip all day into the evening. I did take a tip from Alton Brown….I made a simple syrup to sweeten the tea this year. It does make a difference. And since my mother does not have a computer or one that is connected to the internet and will never read this, her boyfriend was semi-social today!!!!!! lol Long story, but believe me it is a definite improvement.

I tried to show my mother how to knit. I finally decided she was going to get more frustrated than me so I gave her a set of needles, some cotton yarn and my Debbie Bliss How to Knit book and told her to practice. I had to do a “show n tell” and then hooked the boyfriend into it by saying she could knit him warm woolen socks to keep him warm in the winter months. He seemed to like that idea…..lots more than she did! lol Anyway, we’ll see if she makes any progress by Christmas.

I am thankful for having the small bit of family I have in this state here today. I am thankful for all the friends I’ve made thru my hobby. I am thankful for this beautiful day.

And Lexi says: Dude, there are strangers in my house and they keep TALKING to me.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!



  1. I’m so glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving….and lots of sweet iced tea!

    Now, time to knit and digest turkey. : )

  2. 2
    Emily Says:

    Wilbur and Houdini wish Lexi a Happy Thanksgiving. They spent yesterday under the bed because they were confused by the behavior of the humans–the female cooked and the male cleaned!

    Glad it was a good one.

  3. 3
    rebecca Says:

    hooray! your family came!
    sounds like you had a good day

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