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The End of the Year

December 31, 2006

I’ve had a busy day today. I’ve needed a new mattress for a few years now. My heart clutches in fear when I think of spending that little chunk of money it takes to buy one. But today I took the plunge. I was surprised to learn they would deliver it today also! That meant I had to get home and take my old bed down before they got here. Yes, I know they would take it down and remove it but for some reason that felt like letting a stranger see my underwear. lol Weird huh? After the mattress was delivered and set up I had to go get sheets since I moved up in mattress size. And today was the last day the digital camera I wanted was on sale so I swung by the mall and got that too. I’m surprised the bank isn’t calling to see if my card was stolen. lol

So now I have a naked mattress, brand new sheets drying in the dryer and a new Canon digital camera that I’m fumbling with trying to figure out. I thought this camera was just a slight move up from my old one but I’m afraid I have way too many bells and whistles for me to ever use. I’m trying to figure out how to reformat the memory card so it will let me take more than 6 or 7 pictures. Grrrrrrrrrrrr…..and of course the memory card in my old camera is a different type and cannot be used in this new one.

My sister and two of her kids came in for Christmas. I had to show her my latest knitting projects. I have to tell you this to emphasis why I was so surprised and pleased. My sister is very picky. She’s not only an art teacher but an artist in many areas. If something appears to be homemade she is turning up her nose at it. So with that in mind, she looked at my sock I completed, the sock I’m currently working on and my Irish Hiking Scarf and said: I’m impressed! Wow!! That’s a great review from her. She can knit the simplest of garter stitches, rectangles only. So while she was here I taught her how to use circulars, do yarn overs, and knit 2 together.

I hear she and Margaret exchanged some emails regarding my Christmas gift. Margaret said my sister emailed her asking if there was any particular yarn I had been eyeing. If Margaret didn’t know of any that she’d be forced to get me a Santa lawn sprinkler. lol Margaret told her I squeeze way too many skeins of yarn for her to know which to say. Then suggested she do a gift certificate. By the time Carol got here, Gourmet Yarn was closed for Christmas so they didn’t get to meet but Margaret said she’s really curious where Carol had found Santa lawn sprinklers. (I know they probably don’t exist but I wouldn’t put it past my sister to create one. )

On the knitting front, I’ve been working on the Regia Silk sock and the Schaefer Miss Priss scarf for the Red Scarf Project 2007. I am close to being finished on the Red Scarf Project. I took it to Gourmet Yarn the other day and was pleasantly surprised how many compliments I received. That yarn just speaks for itself. The way the color disperses (is that the correct word??) is amazing. And there is something about that Merino wool that is so cushy and I can’t help but squeeze and pet. If you haven’t tried a skein of that Miss Priss, you need to. I’ve seen hats, scarves, sweaters and mittens made from it and all are exceptionally gorgeous.

And I picked up my skein of Blue Heron Mercerized Cotton while at GY. Margaret kindly ordered a skein of the bluegrass colorway for me. I swear that yarn is so beautiful!!

I’ll leave you with some pictures taken of the above mentioned projects taken with my NEW camera! lol Cross your fingers for me that I learn how to use a few of these bells and whistles.

And Lexi says: Darn, I was really feeling happy that flash wasn’t going off in my eyes.

(Sorry, operator errors are preventing uploading of pictures. Maybe next time.  lol)


Support your LYS 2007

December 26, 2006

I hope everyone made it through yesterday and are happy, content and well fed.  As you can tell by today’s blog title I hope to bring something near and dear to my heart into focus today.  I’m sure many of you have read the “well-intended but not meant to harm” LYS theme started by a knitting author about knitting with yarn you have in your home.  Let me start this by saying I think we all should live within our means and certainly not leave kids unfed, have utilities shut off or bills unpaid in order to support our “habits”.  But I feel the need to start a campaign to support the business that feeds my heart very well and that is my Local Yarn Shop.  Mine happens to be Gourmet Yarn Company in Oklahoma City.  I know most knitters have their own favorites and since we all don’t live in the same town those can vary.  With that in mind, I am worried that this Knit from your St*ash thing is going to do some harm to those shops.   I have many moments where I’m fondling some gorgeous skein of yarn in my hand when I have that little voice in my head that says:  you do not need it.  And there are many times when I resist that temptation.  But there are also many times where I NEED that skein of yarn just to soothe my soul.  I may never knit anything from it and I gave myself that permission a long time ago-to buy for the sake of being able to touch whenever I want.  And that’s ok.  With that in mind I want to remind everyone of something our LYS’s provide to us besides yarn, knitting patterns and accessories.  My LYS has given me a community of like-minded people.  I have made more friends and met more knitting people in the past 2 years than I met in the 5 previous years (living in OKC).  I cannot begin to tell you how this has nourished my soul.  I’ve made several friendships that I’m sure will fade with time but I’ve also made many that I believe will last a lifetime.   Knitting is more than just a craft.  Knitting is a passion, a livelihood(and I don’t mean money making), a source of conversation, a means of education, and socialization of which I’ve never had before in my life.  My LYS provides the roof over which all of this takes place.  The LYS can only survive if the customer-base supports it.  Yes, we all know we can find bargains on the internet.  And most of the internet shops can only afford to sell at those cheaper prices because that business owner does not have to rent shop space, pay utilities on that space and employee good knowledgable people to help customers.  I’m not downing these internet businesses but I want to explain why that skein of yarn may cost 75 cents more than what you can buy online.  I love walking thru the door to have Sandy or Susan (Sara Susan as Terri has named her) greet me like the Cheers staff greeted Norm as he walked in.  I love it that Margaret laughs at me as I trot across the back to get to the potty in time because she knows it’s a long drive from far Southeast Norman to Northwest OKC.  I love seeing all the other knitters who come into the shop to knit, get help, or show off their newly knitted item.  They always give me inspiration.  I love the conversations that go on while we sit and knit and chit chat with each other.  My LYS also hosts a monthly knit-in where a large group of us can gather, swap knowledge, see inspirational knitting, share recipes and eat some good food.  In fact, I don’t know of any other shop in this area that creates such an inviting and welcoming environment so that people can just come and sit and knit.  Some shops are set up to buy only.  Some are struggling as newborns and do not have that space.  And some would just “rather not”.  That’s why I love GY so much.  Margaret is not only there to sell us yarn but she has created a welcoming environment so that we will come in and knit and chit chat and feel AT HOME while doing so.  So when you are shopping on the net wanting to buy some yarn you’ve never been able to touch, never been able to see (except from the unreliable picture on a monitor screen), remember that when you are buying that cheaper yarn that you may well get what you pay for….cheaper yarn.  For me, I’ll spend my knitting dollars where I get more bang for my buck.  And that bang includes all the other “stuff” I need and crave besides yarn, needles and patterns.  I hope you’ll do the same.


Christmas MEME

December 21, 2006

Ok, so I’m getting complaints that I haven’t posted in awhile.  Well, I figured without any pictures to post (flash died) that this blog wouldn’t be all that interesting to anyone.  Oh well.  I ran across this on someone’s blog and thought…no pictures required.  I’ll post.  So here goes….

1.   Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate?  Hot Chocolate all the way.

2.   Does Santa wrap presents or just leave them under the tree?  Santa doesn’t have time to wrap all the presents he has to deliver.  Just leave them under the tree.

3.   Colored or white lights on the tree?  Hmmm, technically speaking there is no tree this year nor has there been for 6 years now.  But, if I did choose to put it up, it would have white lights.

4.   Do you hang mistletoe?  No.  I’d have to kiss myself and that just isn’t what it’s all about.  lol

5.  When do you put your decorations up?  Well, it was Christmas of 2000 I think.  Ok, ok….I USED to put them up Thanksgiving evening, but I got over it.  lol

6.  What is your favorite holiday dish?  Our family does the same Christmas dinner that we do for Thanksgiving except there are a few more desserts.  My favorite dish has to be brined turkey.  Yum.

7.   Favorite holiday memory as a child.  Well, I can’t say this is my favorite but it’s the most memorable.  I woke up in the night as I had to pee.  This was odd because I never woke up in the night and I was terrified of the dark.  I also was convinced there were monsters under my bed.  They only “got there” in the dark.  Also I was brainwashed that if Santa knew I was awake he’d leave and take my presents with him.  Hmmm…what a dilemma.  Wet the bed and be miserable not to mention get in trouble for doing so (since I wasn’t a bed wetter).  OR risk being grabbed by a monster as I leaped from the bed to the hall AND risk Santa knowing I was not only awake but UP!  So I chose the latter.  Not only did I choose to go pee but I did so in the DARK!!  hoping Santa wouldn’t hear the tinkle.  lol  I swear as I was jumping back into bed that I heard a jingle bell jingle and I was worried the rest of the night that I didn’t have any Santa presents.  I was wrong.  🙂

8.   When and how did you learn the truth about Santa?  I think I was in the 3rd grade when I became aware of who actually bought my presents.  I don’t have any epiphany moment or shocking awareness.  I was the oldest so I’m sure some kid at school spread the lie.  Santa does exist…He is the spirit of giving.  I believe.

9.  Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve?  We didn’t in the early years but begged for the change when we were older.  I carried that on and let my son open one (mom approved) present on Christmas Eve.

10.  How do you decorate your Christmas Tree?  White lights, red berries, and character ornaments (Santas, Snowmen, Candy Canes, Reindeer etc.).

11. Snow!  Love it or leave it?  Love it!! As long as I don’t have to drive in it.

12.   Can you ice skate?  N.O.

13.  Do you remember your favorite gift?  I remember my guitar which I never learned to play.  I remember my first AM/FM clock radio.  I LOVED that radio!  FM, no static!!

14.   What is your favorite thing about the holidays?  It used to be sitting in the dark in the early morning watching the tree lights and dreaming.  I haven’t done that in many years.  Maybe seeing others faces as they open gifts.

15.  What is your favorite holiday dessert?  Mexican Wedding Cookies and fudge.

16.  What is your favorite holiday tradition?  Reminding my fully grown-man son that Santa does exist.

17.   What do you prefer, giving or receiving?  Definitely giving.

18.  What tops your tree?  Nothing.  I’ve never found the perfect topper for my tree.

19.   What is your favorite Christmas song?  Coventry Carole

20.   Candy canes, yuck or yum?  One is yum, beyond that I don’t bother.

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!!

My Flash Bit the Dust

December 11, 2006



As I was taking pictures the other day I realized I didn’t notice the flash going off. It just so happened that there was enough sunlight in the room that the pictures were ok. But that means I have to take pictures during the RIGHT time of the day. lol So I have one picture for today but pictures are going to be minimal at best until I get a new camera which won’t be until after Christmas.I swung by the library yesterday and picked up some books on blogging. I hate to admit it but WordPress isn’t as friendly to use (to me) as I thought it would be. Anyway, hopefully I’ll do some reading and figure out some of the bells and whistles.

Yesterday I also went up to Gourmet Yarn. I wanted to buy some red yarn. If you have not already heard about it I want you to read about the Red Scarf Project 2007. I know we have the charity knitting at guild for preemies and burial buntings etc. We also have CIC where we knit for orphans in other countries. But this is a project to help some who I would imagine are kind of forgotten. This is a knitting project for those orphans who “age out” of orphanages. These are kids who are going to school, who have no family and who get no mail or presents. Anyway, this just hit me in the right spot. I also have had my hankering for some red yarn too soooooooo with that in mind I knew I’d be knitting a red scarf. The requirements for this scarf are that it be at least 5 inches wide and 60 inches long. It needs to be gender neutral as the care packages will be sent out without thought to the gender of the recipient. The scarf can be in a gender neutral color other than red, but red is the name of the project. Those of you who know me well know I am inspired by the colors I’m knitting. If I don’t like the color, I’m not going to finish it. So this had to be the perfect red. I wanted tomato red, not blue red. I wanted something soft and cushy and wooly and warm. I also knew I was very drawn to some of the variegated yarns Margaret has in her shop. So this might be my fallback if I couldn’t find the perfect, SOFT, wooly tomato red. Ok, to cut to the chase, I ended up getting Schaefer’s Miss Priss in the Shirley Chisholm colorway. For those of you not familiar with it, it’s red, olive green, navy, gold and black and 100% merino wool. I took a picture with the best light I have in the house…lol….so you can see this yarn. It’s really nice and fun to work with. Because of all the colors I’m doing a simple 3K X 3P rib scarf. I think it lets the yarn speak for itself without getting lost trying to compete with a pattern. Oh and I almost forgot, this scarf needs to be mailed in by the end of January so that means it does not have to be completed before Christmas. Hey!! My kind of project!! Short, sweet and a once a year thing. What more could I ask for? lol

I just found out my sister, oldest niece and nephew are coming in the weekend before Christmas. I don’t know where everyone is going to sleep but we’ll figure out something.

Lexi says: I’m going to have to find some new hiding places.

Finished Object Sighting

December 3, 2006

I finished the Irish Hiking Scarf last night.    This is a free pattern online.  It must be pretty popular as I found a KAL for it.  It’s a very easy knit.  I used 5 skeins of Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran, size 9 needles (started with size 8 and it made too dense of a fabric…frogged it).  I’m trying to decide if I will block it or leave as is.  I have to admit it’s too thick to wear it as I first thought.  But this yarn is very pettable.  lol  Yeah I caught myself petting it between stitches.

Margaret hosted her monthly Knit-In last night.  It was a bit quieter than usual last night.  Could it be because TERRI was AWOL?   lol  The little traitor.  She claims she has other friends she does things with but I don’t know if we should believe her or not.  lol  I’m pretty skeptical about all the excuses I hear from folks who don’t attend.  I can’t imagine having a better time anywhere else.

I started my day early yesterday and headed into OKC to do some shopping.  First stop was a shoe store.  I wanted some boots to wear in the snow, ice, and slushy mess.  I found some plus a pair of shoes I couldn’t live without.  $178 later I took my behind to Gourmet Yarn to sit and knit.  I’ve never spent that much money (at one time) on shoes!   It was too dangerous out in the stores for me.  Although I did spend money at GY also.  lol

Ok, for those dedicated readers who have followed me to this new site.  Bear with me, I’m still fumbling around with all these bells and whistles I’m not familiar with.  My latest stumbling around adventure is trying to figure out how to post pictures that aren’t thumbnail nor full page images.  So far the FAQ’s and forums aren’t helping my situation.  Sigh!   I must be getting old as I’m resisting the changes.  GrrrrrrrIrish Hiking ScarfThe InspectionAcceptance

Did I Say Frightful?

December 1, 2006

My gosh, I can’t believe I’ve felt deprived these last few years because of the lack of a nice snow. As most of you know, I’ve spent most of my life in or around Tulsa. We would get 8, 10 and 11 inch snows at least once or twice a year. I moved to the OKC Metro area 6 years ago and I can recall a few significant snows but nothing like those big snows in Tulsa. Well….I watched the snow fall most of the day yesterday. I stayed home and heard the sleet then saw it change to big flakes and then to the small dry flakes. Before the sun went down yesterday I opened my front and back door to see how the snow was accumulating. I “lost” my sidewalk in the front and the patio out back was pretty well covered. Well….check it out this morning…….the one picture where you can see the top of the ruler……that is a 14 inch drift at my front door!!!! The other shot where you can only see the ruler in the snow, a 15 inch drift at the back door. This is going to be interesting. I can go out the garage door where there only appears to be a covering of ice and snow on the driveway but then I have no way to close the door from the outside. (No, I don’t have a garage door opener.) So that means trekking back inside to go out the front door and wade thru the 14 inch drift to the west side where it isn’t quite so deep. Geeeez….remind me to never ever complain again about the lack of snow.

Update:  I ran to the grocery store.  My drifts have melted down a bit although not alot.  The driveway will be a lovely sheet of ice when the sun goes down tonight.  Travel is possible in town but lordy my car is a muddy mess!!  I think I went thru a puddle or two as a result of a broken water line.  I think the roads will be trecherous sheets of ice when the temp starts to dip.

Lexi says: I’m staying inside. Lexi asleep inside where it’s warmSnowdrift at the back doorSnowdrift at the front door