Did I Say Frightful?

My gosh, I can’t believe I’ve felt deprived these last few years because of the lack of a nice snow. As most of you know, I’ve spent most of my life in or around Tulsa. We would get 8, 10 and 11 inch snows at least once or twice a year. I moved to the OKC Metro area 6 years ago and I can recall a few significant snows but nothing like those big snows in Tulsa. Well….I watched the snow fall most of the day yesterday. I stayed home and heard the sleet then saw it change to big flakes and then to the small dry flakes. Before the sun went down yesterday I opened my front and back door to see how the snow was accumulating. I “lost” my sidewalk in the front and the patio out back was pretty well covered. Well….check it out this morning…….the one picture where you can see the top of the ruler……that is a 14 inch drift at my front door!!!! The other shot where you can only see the ruler in the snow, a 15 inch drift at the back door. This is going to be interesting. I can go out the garage door where there only appears to be a covering of ice and snow on the driveway but then I have no way to close the door from the outside. (No, I don’t have a garage door opener.) So that means trekking back inside to go out the front door and wade thru the 14 inch drift to the west side where it isn’t quite so deep. Geeeez….remind me to never ever complain again about the lack of snow.

Update:  I ran to the grocery store.  My drifts have melted down a bit although not alot.  The driveway will be a lovely sheet of ice when the sun goes down tonight.  Travel is possible in town but lordy my car is a muddy mess!!  I think I went thru a puddle or two as a result of a broken water line.  I think the roads will be trecherous sheets of ice when the temp starts to dip.

Lexi says: I’m staying inside. Lexi asleep inside where it’s warmSnowdrift at the back doorSnowdrift at the front door



  1. 1
    rebecca Says:

    we don’t have a garage door opener, either!

  2. 2
    FanniePie Says:

    Great photos! Good knitting weather!

    I’m in Tulsa and I still haven’t ventured out ( at least not in my car.. went for a wonderful walk yesterday) I’m not looking forward to the messy roads. I grew up in lots of snow and so this is just heavenly to me.

    Enjoy your soup and knitting!

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