Finished Object Sighting

I finished the Irish Hiking Scarf last night.    This is a free pattern online.  It must be pretty popular as I found a KAL for it.  It’s a very easy knit.  I used 5 skeins of Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran, size 9 needles (started with size 8 and it made too dense of a fabric…frogged it).  I’m trying to decide if I will block it or leave as is.  I have to admit it’s too thick to wear it as I first thought.  But this yarn is very pettable.  lol  Yeah I caught myself petting it between stitches.

Margaret hosted her monthly Knit-In last night.  It was a bit quieter than usual last night.  Could it be because TERRI was AWOL?   lol  The little traitor.  She claims she has other friends she does things with but I don’t know if we should believe her or not.  lol  I’m pretty skeptical about all the excuses I hear from folks who don’t attend.  I can’t imagine having a better time anywhere else.

I started my day early yesterday and headed into OKC to do some shopping.  First stop was a shoe store.  I wanted some boots to wear in the snow, ice, and slushy mess.  I found some plus a pair of shoes I couldn’t live without.  $178 later I took my behind to Gourmet Yarn to sit and knit.  I’ve never spent that much money (at one time) on shoes!   It was too dangerous out in the stores for me.  Although I did spend money at GY also.  lol

Ok, for those dedicated readers who have followed me to this new site.  Bear with me, I’m still fumbling around with all these bells and whistles I’m not familiar with.  My latest stumbling around adventure is trying to figure out how to post pictures that aren’t thumbnail nor full page images.  So far the FAQ’s and forums aren’t helping my situation.  Sigh!   I must be getting old as I’m resisting the changes.  GrrrrrrrIrish Hiking ScarfThe InspectionAcceptance



  1. 1
    Terri Says:

    Your scarf is very nice. Yep, I was AWOL. I thought of you guys a lot last night.

    Why did you change to wordpress?

  2. 2
    Susan Says:

    You have to size your picture in a graphics program or get a downloaded add on to WordPress. I just size my graphics myself, no more than 400 pixels wide, usually, will fit.

    I use Adobe Photoshop, but any graphics editor, including the one that comes in XP, will do the sizing. It’s not hard, and while you are in there, you can crop or adjust your pictures as you like them to appear.

    Nice scarf! Looks very warm.

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