The End of the Year

I’ve had a busy day today. I’ve needed a new mattress for a few years now. My heart clutches in fear when I think of spending that little chunk of money it takes to buy one. But today I took the plunge. I was surprised to learn they would deliver it today also! That meant I had to get home and take my old bed down before they got here. Yes, I know they would take it down and remove it but for some reason that felt like letting a stranger see my underwear. lol Weird huh? After the mattress was delivered and set up I had to go get sheets since I moved up in mattress size. And today was the last day the digital camera I wanted was on sale so I swung by the mall and got that too. I’m surprised the bank isn’t calling to see if my card was stolen. lol

So now I have a naked mattress, brand new sheets drying in the dryer and a new Canon digital camera that I’m fumbling with trying to figure out. I thought this camera was just a slight move up from my old one but I’m afraid I have way too many bells and whistles for me to ever use. I’m trying to figure out how to reformat the memory card so it will let me take more than 6 or 7 pictures. Grrrrrrrrrrrr…..and of course the memory card in my old camera is a different type and cannot be used in this new one.

My sister and two of her kids came in for Christmas. I had to show her my latest knitting projects. I have to tell you this to emphasis why I was so surprised and pleased. My sister is very picky. She’s not only an art teacher but an artist in many areas. If something appears to be homemade she is turning up her nose at it. So with that in mind, she looked at my sock I completed, the sock I’m currently working on and my Irish Hiking Scarf and said: I’m impressed! Wow!! That’s a great review from her. She can knit the simplest of garter stitches, rectangles only. So while she was here I taught her how to use circulars, do yarn overs, and knit 2 together.

I hear she and Margaret exchanged some emails regarding my Christmas gift. Margaret said my sister emailed her asking if there was any particular yarn I had been eyeing. If Margaret didn’t know of any that she’d be forced to get me a Santa lawn sprinkler. lol Margaret told her I squeeze way too many skeins of yarn for her to know which to say. Then suggested she do a gift certificate. By the time Carol got here, Gourmet Yarn was closed for Christmas so they didn’t get to meet but Margaret said she’s really curious where Carol had found Santa lawn sprinklers. (I know they probably don’t exist but I wouldn’t put it past my sister to create one. )

On the knitting front, I’ve been working on the Regia Silk sock and the Schaefer Miss Priss scarf for the Red Scarf Project 2007. I am close to being finished on the Red Scarf Project. I took it to Gourmet Yarn the other day and was pleasantly surprised how many compliments I received. That yarn just speaks for itself. The way the color disperses (is that the correct word??) is amazing. And there is something about that Merino wool that is so cushy and I can’t help but squeeze and pet. If you haven’t tried a skein of that Miss Priss, you need to. I’ve seen hats, scarves, sweaters and mittens made from it and all are exceptionally gorgeous.

And I picked up my skein of Blue Heron Mercerized Cotton while at GY. Margaret kindly ordered a skein of the bluegrass colorway for me. I swear that yarn is so beautiful!!

I’ll leave you with some pictures taken of the above mentioned projects taken with my NEW camera! lol Cross your fingers for me that I learn how to use a few of these bells and whistles.

And Lexi says: Darn, I was really feeling happy that flash wasn’t going off in my eyes.

(Sorry, operator errors are preventing uploading of pictures. Maybe next time.  lol)



  1. 1
    Carolyn Says:

    I, too, share your frustration with new-fangled stuff! What ever happened to bringing something home, plugging it in or turning it on and it WORKS without having to take a course in how to operate it!! 🙂 Guess I can always get the grandkids to set everything up for me in a couple of years!

  2. 2
    Rosemary Says:

    The tiny little memory card that comes with a new digital camera is rarely large enough to hold more than 6 or 7 pictures. No amount of formatting is going to increase your storage space. I recommend at least a 512MB card.

  3. 3
    Shelly Says:

    Yay for a new mattress, sheets, and camera! : )

  4. 4
    Terri Says:

    Sounds like a grand way to start a new year – with a good nights sleep. There is nothing like coming home after a trip and sleeping in your own bed.

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