OMG! I think she’s got it!!




At last, I think Rosemary gave me the answer. I downloaded Adobe Photo and it refused to let me register so I could use the bells and whistles. Something about an invalid address and I couldn’t change it. Grrrrrrr So Rosemary mentioned I could always try Paint. Hey, Paint works. I have to go thru about 4 or 5 extra steps but it works. So now if I can figure out how to “arrange” the page as I want.

I’m seriously considering returning to blogspot. I don’t consider myself inept when it comes to following instructions but this WordPress is kicking my behind. What do you think? Should I stay? Or go back?

Ok, just in case I can’t arrange the pics on the page as I want. Here is the scoop on each one. The picture of Lexi was taken on top of my armoire. I was in the living room taking pictures of my scarf when I noticed her eyeing this office chair I’d moved into the room temporarily. There was bedding piled in it just an hour earlier and I had put all of that up. The little scoot decided she saw her path. She jumps into the chair then onto the tall back then she jumps over to the top of the armoire. Mom had camera ready and took several pictures. This happens to be the one where she’s facing the camera. Needless to say I helped her down and moved the chair so she wouldn’t jump from so high to get down.

The picture of the scarf is a pic of my scarf for the Red Scarf Project 2007. I finished a couple of days ago, printed out my care tag today and will get it in the mail soon. If you have an inclination it’s a worthwhile project and needs to be completed and mailed by the end of January.

The pic of the beautiful yarn happens to be the Bluegrass colorway of Blue Heron Mercerized Cotton. Margaret of Gourmet Yarn so graciously ordered it for me. I love those colors. If you have a copy of Scarf Style, I plan to use this to make Midwest Moonlight. Don’t know when I’ll get it started as I have socks to finish but it will get there.



  1. 1
    Anita Says:

    The scarf is sooo pretty, that Miss Priss knits up so nice. Coisee (pronounced swasie) climbs as high as she can and then eyes the ceiling. I don’t know what she thinks she going to grab hold of if she jumps up ther??
    I don’t feel strongly about either blogging place. I thought the first one looked just fine.
    Your Bluegrass scarf should be relly pretty. See you Saturday night at Knit-in?

  2. 2
    Susan Says:

    WordPress is MUCH more flexible. Just stick with it and learn the ropes. You can get it to do anything! And there are hundreds of different layouts you can use for it.

    Hang in there! Knowing how to edit photos is a good thing. Gorgeous yarn, btw.

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