Canning Yarn

As my grandmother used to say I’ve put up 133 quarts of yarn today.  Thank God I didn’t have to prepare, peel, cut, slice, dice and blanch it!!  lol  Ok, what I’m referring to is the Rubbermaid containers I used to organize my stash.  They are 19 qt. containers.  So I put up seven of those at 19 qts each to total 133 quarts.  Now that sounds like alot of yarn!!  But as you can see in the pictures below it really isn’t all that much.  I’ve seen lots worse when other people have posted their stash pictures.  I did have a mini-revelation.  I honestly think I could vow not to buy anymore cotton yarn for the rest of the year.  lol  Well wait a second…dishcloth cotton.  Let me be very precise.  lol  I tried to put all my cotton yarn in one container and I sort of succeeded.  I put the GOOD cotton in the container.  The rest is in a large canvas knitting bag!  lol

I don’t know what was so special about the vitamin I took this morning but I sure did have alot of energy today.  I worked up a true sweat several times emptying this closet in this room.  The bad/sad thing about it all is that I made a real mess in the rest of the house.  I found stuff that was stashed in that closet that had never really been unpacked.  I also found some stuff that I could trash too.

Margaret called me from San Diego today.  She sure is going to have some neat surprises coming in.  That’s all I’ll say as I don’t want to steal her thunder but she’s having a great time and Gourmet Yarn is going to have some new additions you’ll want to see!

I don’t think Lexi was extremely tickled to see me dragging all the stuff out of the closet like I was but I do think she’ll be happier with the outcome.  She now has a closet she can walk into with ease and lay down and STRETCH out!  lol

I’ll leave you with some pics of the freshly organized closet.  God only knows how long I can keep it this way but I’m gonna try.  Wish me luck!!



Lexi says “I’m the Good Kitty, my bowl says so.”



  1. 1
    Carolyn Says:

    I’m impressed! Mine is all poked up in shelves in my ex-office, now hobby room! It looks kind of cool but is a pain when I decide I want something on the bottom of the shelf….ever heard the term “it’s raining yarn?” lol

  2. 2
    Terri Says:

    As of today I only have two. That is fixing to change with some yarn that Jackie is giving me.
    What a stash that is – but I have been in the queen’s room and you still have a ways to go. I know you will have fun getting there.

  3. 3
    anita Says:

    Wow, I’m impressed! I have my yarn in two plastic containers and one drawer…and two, no make that three, baskets…..BUT I did go thru my books and patterns and toss some, have some to donate to the Guild and some to donate to the Friends of the Library, and moved them to a shelf on my bookcase in “my room” along with all my music stuff and….well, never mind. Don’t cha’ feel good about getting organized? until you can’t find something you’re looking for! still on baby watch alert, I’m thinkin’ it’s going to be tonight!

  4. 4
    rebecca Says:

    it’s wonderful to have time (after all, we’ve been iced in!) to organize and think about what we really want to spend our time knitting (or sewing, or reading, or cooking, or planting in the garden next spring).

    Love the canning analogy…

  5. 5
    Shelly Says:

    Um, I need to can some yarn at my house, too. : ) Much of my yarn stash is in 2 plastic bins. However, I do need to purchase more storage bins. My stash outgrew the 2 containers for that purpose. ; )

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