I guess I’m getting older.  Or maybe I should say old period.  I know our vernacular goes thru trendy phases.  Or maybe I should say trendy phrases float through our language like birds pass by to the south for the winter.  When I was in junior high the trendy words were “stud”, “cool” and “groovy”.  I used the word stud once and got in trouble for using that.   I never really liked using groovy.  It didn’t feel comfortable on my tongue.  I’m glad because it seems so contrived.  I’m very glad it was short lived.  Then I remember when “bad” meant “good”.  I didn’t really adopt that one either.  I knew enough to know that it did not retain its original meaning but once again it seemed to be one of those short lived trends.  I’m glad except I think it will always be on Elmer’s menu in
Tulsa.  Badwich.  It be good.  Oh how we butcher our language!!  Lol  Here of late the trendy words I’m noticing are “sweet”, “uber” and “wee”.  I don’t know how sweet went from how sugar tastes or talking about someone’s nice and adorable behavior to talking about something nice, cool or great, but it has.  Uber I understand originates from a contraction from the Latin and German languages.  I don’t think it has retained the original meaning but its use is more prolific.  And the word “wee” seems to be appearing on most of the knitting blogs I read.  It’s not a word I’ve ever used.  I may have said it while reading something from a book particularly a fairy tale but I don’t think it will be a word I pick up to use with regularity.  I think the first time I heard it used was either reading The Harlot’s blog or when she spoke to us this past July.   Maybe so many others are picking it up trying to emulate her?  That’s just pure guess on my part.  Me?  I’m stuck in the trend which seems to have come and gone and come again of saying “cool” or “neat”.  Maybe that ages me a bit.  Or maybe not but it sure rolls off my tongue much better than “uber”, “sweet” and “wee”.  (Does this sound like an Andy Rooney commentary?  It sure does feel like one!
J  )


I haven’t gotten much knitting done this week.  Between the weather and my smoke alarm fiasco, I haven’t gotten much sleep or been able to meet my knitting friends as I’d like.  I’m really aggravated about the smoke alarm thing.  I am not an idiot where basic mechanical things are concerned but this one took the cake.  I have five (that I know of) smoke alarms in my house.   I never did really understand why I have two that are 3 foot apart, but I do.  One is in the small hall outside my bedroom and the 2nd is inside my bedroom on a vaulted ceiling.  The others are in each of the other two bedrooms and one in the long hall.  If there are more, and I would not be surprised!!, I haven’t noticed them yet.  Lol  Anyway, the one in the small hall started chirping last Friday night shortly after midnight.   I can’t reach this by stretching as it’s installed on the ceiling.  So I drag a chair and try to remove it and remember I had checked one of the others before to see if it was battery operated or hardwired into the electric.  There is no cover to pop off.  The unit is installed onto a plate attached to the ceiling and there are several electrical wires attaching it to unknown other electrical wires inside the ceiling.  I looked the back over to see if there was a recessed area or a clip or something to indicate a battery was present.  I didn’t notice one.  So thinking there is no battery and seeing the wires and how the unit is attached to these wires, I’m thinking hardwired into the electricity and there has to be a short.  I push one of the two buttons and the chirping stops.  I went back to bed and hoped it was “over”.  Skip forward to Sunday night and shortly after 1 in the morning the chirping starts again.  I get up and drag the chair over again and hit the button a couple of times and am lucky it stops again.  I popped the unit off and look again…..puzzled as to why only this one chirps.  I can’t pull it far as the wires are not long and I’m not tall enough even on the chair to read anything on the back.  Oh well…it stopped chirping so I put it back.  Well, I guess you may know where this is going by now.  Monday night rolls around and at 3 in the morning the chirping starts up.  This time I can’t get it to stop.  I won’t go thru all the steps I took trying to get it to stop but I was up for an hour.  I finally went back to bed and shut the door, put cotton in my ear, tried to cover my ear with a pillow and there’s no blocking that piercing sound.  At 8:30 I’m calling the management company and telling the lady who answered what is going on.  First thing she says is remove the battery.  I tell her I cannot find a battery anywhere plus there are electrical wires and that tells me it’s hardwired into the electricity.  She is puzzled, says she’ll have to talk to the maintenance man when he gets in.  We hang up.  So I think…. I know what she said makes sense and I drag the chair over once again and pop the unit off the plate in the ceiling.  I run my finger all around trying to feel for a crack to indicate a cover of some type.  I can’t feel one.  Then I notice a small piece of tape.  When I first noticed it several nights before I thought it was accidentally stuck to the unit.  So this time I pull on it.  Nothing happens.  I pull again this time harder.  A bit of plastic bulges.  There IS a battery cover!!  I pull harder and this time the plastic cover which is flush with the unit pops open.  There is no clip, no recess, no anything to indicate this is a cover.  The tape runs under the battery and it pops out.  Again it starts to chirp.  Argh!!!!!!!!   I felt like a complete idiot.  I rummage thru every hidey-hole I have trying to find a 9 volt battery.  I start looking at electronic devices and I have no 9 volt.  After a quick run to A*e Hardware where I buy 2 batteries for about $4 more than I could at Wal-*art, I come home and try to install the battery.  I did but there is now a plastic “arm” standing up.  So I try to pull the battery out and do and drop it.  I can’t remember which way I had it turned so I push it in making sure the plastic arm is beneath and the tape.  Close the cover and it CHIRPS!!!   This time the tape isn’t showing.  Oh no!!  So I go dig for a very small screw driver and about tear the damned thing up trying to pry open an invisible plastic cover.  About the 6th try I succeed.  I pry the battery out and turn it around making sure the tape is smoothed out correctly and press the cover home.  No chirp.  I stand on the chair waiting.  No chirp.  I’m afraid to get down.  I know it’s going to chirp.  No chirp.  Finally I realize I can get down.  From 3 AM until 10:30 AM, that’s how long this fiasco lasted.  Needless to say I felt like an idiot at the same time cussing whoever designed a battery operated smoke alarm in this fashion.  This morning I bought 4 extra 9 volts.  I’m going to be changing batteries in all the units except one.  So the first tall person who comes through my door and can reach that one in my bedroom from the chair, gets the honor of replacing that battery!  Fair warning!!!   Lol  



  1. 1
    Rosemary Says:

    I’m not sure in what context the word “wee” appeared when you saw it, but the most traditional use for it is in place of “small” or “little” or “tiny.” I think its less trendy and more of an example of how many of us are embracing a more British tone to our use of the English language.

    I use über because it is, in fact, German for “super.”

    Hope you get lots of quiet rest tonight 🙂

  2. 2
    Shelly Says:

    So how many nights did the chirping keep you awake??? I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help but giggle as I read your recounting of the smoke alarm saga. : )

  3. 3
    Shelly Says:

    I forgot to add, the first thing that came to my mine was *Wee Willie Winkie* here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wee_Willie_Winkie
    and this movie: http://www.amazon.com/Wee-Willie-Winkie-Shirley-Temple/dp/6303095038

  4. 4
    Carolyn Says:

    How frustrating! I, too, have a “thing” about new-fangled objects!!! Like Shelly, I couldn’t help but grin when I envisioned you stuffing cotton in your ears…and putting a pillow over your head….even though I do sympathize!

  5. 5
    Shelly Says:

    Kay, it still says my earlier comment is awaiting moderation. Can you go free it up? : )

  6. 6
    rebecca Says:

    we had a similar smoke alarm incident, while my parents were visiting.

    Wonder why they put so many smoke alarms in? Where one would do the job, there seem to be several.

    I don’t even know how many we have…

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