Sockus Sockii?


Isn’t that a nice looking sock?   It sure did take me awhile but I finished the first sock from Regia Silk.  What started out as a gift for one person has changed to a gift for another.  So that is why the sock looks a little big as modeled on my foot in the second picture.  It’s for a man’s foot and not mine.  lol

I discovered midway thru the sock that I did not have enough yarn.  I bought the last two skeins Margaret had at Gourmet Yarn.  After a little whining on my part she agreed to order more.  I probably only need one more skein as I have at least 2/3 of a skein left.  It takes alot of yarn to knit larger socks.  lol

I started a scarf out of Cascade 220.  I recently got a stitch pattern book called Beautiful Knitting  Patterns (thank you Rebecca for showing me your copy—I knew I had to have my own when I saw all the pretty patterns).  After several botched attempts to do a few elaborate cable designs I realized I did not enjoy doing cables.  If I can’t enjoy the knitting I’m doing I get frustrated and will not finish.  So I flipped thru the book and found a pattern of knits and purls that show a pattern of seed stitch within a border that really makes it pop.  Pictures later.

I signed up for a mitten class at Gourmet Yarn but it was rescheduled from last Saturday until this coming Saturday.  Sunday is guild and so it looks as if I’ll have a weekend filled with knitting.  What more could a girl want?

Lexi says:  it’s hard work posing for all these pictures.



  1. 1
    rebecca Says:

    nice sock! silk, yum.

    there certainly are many lovely kinds of knitting patterns in that book. To suit any taste! glad you are enjoying the book, if not the cables!

  2. 2
    Carolyn Says:

    You are right…nothing better than a week-end of knitting! I will be at GY Saturday, too. Am taking the Kathleen felted bag class!

  3. 3
    katie Says:

    Hooray for your sock! I think I’m going to take a sock class at GY sometime soon. I think I’m finally getting the sock bug…. 🙂

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