Friday’s Eye Candy


After reading in Wendy’s blog about the cushion for cats and how their own body heat radiates from the lining of the cushion to keep them warm, I found one for Lexi. I came home a few times these past few weeks to find her curled into a tight ball trying to keep warm. As some of you may know, cats aren’t really into change. lol Lexi was very happy sleeping in the middle of the comforter on my bed. Especially so since I got a new mattress at the end of December. Anyway, I tried to coax her onto it. She wasn’t having it as it crinkles when she walks on it. I have to pick her up and put her on it. She seems to be pretty curious then and will lay down. But she won’t stay on it at night or when she’s ready to nap. She goes back to my bed. lol Anyway, here are a few snaps of The Princess trying not to be impressed with her snazzy leopard print pleasure palace.

Knitting tomorrow and Sunday! Yippee!!!!

Update:  I did put it on my bed.  That is the first place I tried it.  She got up and moved to the other side.  I had even “spiked” the cat cushion with a teeny tiny bit of catnip.  She sniffed at it but still walked away.  She never has reacted much to catnip.  lol



  1. 1
    Emma Says:

    She’ll get used to it. I always find it so cute when cats cover their noses with their paws while sleeping. I am assuming it is because their noses are cold. It’s so adorable, I like to turn down the thermostat in the hopes of encouraging it.

  2. 2
    Shelly Says:

    I think you should just put her new kitty bed on your bed. She might like it better there. : )

  3. 3
    Sue Says:

    If she likes to sit in your lap, maybe you could try it there for her to get used to it.
    Good luck!

  4. 4
    Sue Says:

    PS. I meant to check out your circs when I found myself sitting by you today, then I forgot. Are those cables noticeably more flexible than Addys?

  5. 5

    Sue…if you are referring to the KnitPicks cables…yes they seem to be more flexible than Addis.

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