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February 24, 2007


I actually have finished objects.  Oh and one WIP to show.  I finally finished my first PAIR of knitted socks.  I used size 1 Addi Turbos, Regia Silk in Loden.  Once again I ran out of yarn 3/4 of the way thru the second sock.  Margaret kindly ordered more and I was able to finish this past weekend.  The pattern is 1/2 from Knitty and 1/2 from a standard sock pattern.

The second picture is of some handwarmers I made for myself.  My office has no heat.  The sleezy landlord told me he heated his shop with the lights alone.  I can’t believe he even stooped so low as to say that lie out loud.  But he did.  He finally admitted he was not going to fix the heater.  He brought me a space heater and said if that didn’t work he’d be forced to install a wall heater.  I’m very warm natured so most days it isn’t bad that is until we had those 20 degree, degrees in the teens and single digit degree days.  The space heater does some good but my hands got cold.  So I decided to make some handwarmers and wouldn’t you know it??  I finished them the day before warmer temps came back.  lol  Such timing!!  DiVe Autunno yarn.  Btw, if you want to know what store this cheap landlord runs in my fair town, email me offlist and I’ll be happy to tell you.

The third picture is a scarf I’ve started.  I think I’m on restart 15.  No kidding.  I’ve pretty much mastered the pattern but the edging was never quite what I wanted.  I finally got that issue resolved and had a great start going when last night I saw I had repeated a row in the pattern and had to stop.  I was NOT going to frog it all again.  I’m wearing the yarn out!  So I decided to tink back….after the second row back I realized I had maybe 8-10 rows to go.  Geeez…that would take forever so I ripped the needles out and started ripping stitches.  I corrected the offending row and hopefully all will be well now.  I keep repeating the Elizabeth Zimmerman recommendation:  Admire your work often.  That is how you find mistakes.  Or something along that line!  Thanks Elizabeth!  It’s very good advice.

And the last picture is of the lovely Lexi.  She tolerates so much from her mama.  Especially the glow of the flash going off in her face many times a week.  She is such a good kitty and still has a great fascination with my knitting…but only when it’s in my hands.  Jealousy.  She doesn’t have green eyes for nothing.


Out of the mouths of babes…..

February 7, 2007

Ok, I’m giving credit where credit is due for even thinking of blogging this story.  But if you have not read Crazy Aunt Purl’s blog today, do so.  I couldn’t help but laugh.  And it reminded me of a question I asked my mother when I was 13 years old.  My question brought about a slightly different reaction but you’ll hear about that later.  First I must say this may be R rated and if you have a child reading over your shoulder send them to their room.    Secondly, if you are one of the handful I’ve already told this story, I’m sorry, you’re hearing it again.  lol

Ok, back in the late sixties I was in 7th grade English class with my friend, Debbie.  We were both very smart girls and were way ahead of the class.  Our teacher allowed us to go to the back of the room and do SRA Labs.  (Don’t ask me what that is as my menopause brain will not allow me to recover that tiny piece of info but it was an extra credit thing.)  So while Debbie and I are sitting back there trying not to giggle out loud but honestly working the labs, another classmate got my attention.  Now this classmate was Debra.  She was not a very bright girl or at least she never let on that she had any interest or apptitude for learning 7th grade English.  I had already noticed that she had some dime store novel hidden inside her text book.  After all, that’s why she sat on the back row, slumped down with her textbook held straight up.  I turned to see what she wanted after I heard “psssssst…..psssssst”.  She was handing me her dime store novel and had it opened to this one page.  She whispered,  “read that”.  So I started reading this page that obviously was the escalating fire of a steamy sex scene.  All I remember reading was something along the line of the guy ripping her bra and panties off.  The next bit is where I drew the line.  The author went on to describe how the  man lowered his mouth to her breasts and began to suck on them.  WELL!!!!!!!!   I was so shocked…so horrified I know I gasped out loud.    I said in a rather loud whisper….”I’m NOT reading this!!!!”   To which my friend, Debbie, said, “let me see it”.  lol  So I passed the book to her.  I honestly don’t recall her reaction or any comments, I just remember her passing the book back to Debra.    I must’ve sat there in stone cold silence until the end of class.  I know my cheeks were glowing with red embarrassment and my brain was starting to form questions.

Now my mother grew up in a home where nothing had been explained.  She didn’t know about the process a young girl goes thru in blossoming into a woman.  Her uncle finally caught on as to why she was hiding in her room in her bed and told his sister (my grandmother) to get in there and talk to her and tell her what’s going on.  So with that in mind, my mother vowed that her kids were going to know what was going to happen in time to be prepared.  So when I was around 11 or so she took me to her bedroom (the only room that had a lock besides the bathroom) and locked the door so we could have a talk.  Now the main point of this behind-the-door conversation was to tell me about menstruation.   I don’t recall now if I asked my two million questions then or one at a time or had another closed door session but I did ask questions.  And of course one of my questions brought her to tell me about “intercourse”.   To this day, I cringe when I hear that word.  lol  She couldn’t say “making love”  or  “having sex”.  She had to say “intercourse’.  Ugh…what an ugly word.  Anyway, I knew the basic mechanics of how babies were made and that the reason a woman/girl had a monthly period was to go thru the cycle etc.  And that is what a husband and wife did AFTER marriage to make babies.  Ok, I blushed when she told me but my curiosity was greater than my embarrassment and besides….this was very informative information being passed on here.  So I asked every question I could think of.  I wasn’t missing THAT opportunity!

So fast forward a year and I’m starting the 7th grade.  That’s a big move going from grade school to a big huge school where you change classes and mingle with high school students.  So what happens but I start my progression to womanhood the 2nd day of school.  Yuck.  Even though I was told what to expect, I was not ready for this emotionally.  That is another story and more trauma but necessary to know that I felt that scene in the dime store novel was just some sick person’s mind trying to paint the most dirty, vile images he/she could think of!!  My mother had started working fulltime at this point so when I got home from school I had to wait for her to get home before I could ask my questions and express my outrage.  When my mother walked in the front door I was there to greet her and nothing but nothing would do that she follow me immediately into her bedroom and I shut and locked the door.  I remember her grumbling about what on earth was so important that I had to drag her in there the second she walked in the door.   Little did she know!  lol  I remember in my best indignant voice asking her this question.  “Does a man have to suck on your nipples in order for you to have intercourse?”   Oh I wished you could have seen the look on her face.  The way her mouth started to turn into a smile but she stiffled it because she knew I wasn’t ready to hear this.  The corners of her mouth kept twitching trying to not laugh or smile but not quite being able to keep it straight.  Her eyes were trying not to betray the chuckle she was smothering but I remember seeing it.  I was too outraged to recognize it at the time but it is branded in my memory now.  She finally said:  “well, no, you don’t have to let a man suck your nipples in order to have intercourse.”   Still outraged I went on to say that I would NEVER let a man suck on my breasts, that those were only for nursing babies!!!!!   And with that I unlocked the door and went to my room to brood!

Needless to say, I have since learned a few things all these years later but I will never forget how she held it all together so that her innocent-not-ready-to accept- all-the-pleasures-in-life daughter could retain that little bit of child left in her.   😉

Another great knit-in

February 4, 2007

Yesterday we had another great knit-in at Gourmet Yarn.  We actually ran out of chairs.  It just grows and grows.  I’ve noticed there are several who caught on to what I and a few others do….get there early!!!  lol  But in all fairness I had a mitten class at 1 and Karen made Saturday an all day knitting affair by taking a sock class at 10, the mitten class at 1 followed by the knit-in.  Some of us who weren’t able to attend the “surprise” party held on Margaret’s actual birthday, gave her a few surprises at the knit-in.  Since I haven’t mastered picture arrangement on WordPress yet, I’ll describe some of the pictures and you’ll have to decide which one fits the scene.  lol  We decided that a great gag gift would be to give Margaret a huge bag of her “favorite” yarn…..Red Heart.  If you’ve never heard her mutter that name, just listen.  She says it often.  (Actually, we knew she’d donate her gift to the KnitWits where it can be put to good use.  To the KnitWits, I sincerely apologize as I know how knitting with acrylic feels.)  Jan gifted Margaret with something “warm and cuddly” to hold at night.  As you can tell he is a rather cuddly handsome fellow.  Unfortunately, poor Linen was afraid of him.  Margaret finally convinced Linen her new buddy was ok.   Linen was trying to convince Jan that she should share what was on her plate.  I don’t know if it worked but she sure was polite in her begging.  Terri and Karen had a lovely time sharing some kind of naughty talk while Karen patiently wound (or as Terri would say…balled) some alpaca.  And I had Emily and Karen pose for an evidence pic that Emily truly did attend even if she did get up and leave early.

On the knitting front….As you can see I have finished the leg of the second sock.  This morning I started the heel flap.  The mitten I worked on in class yesterday is the aqua angora.  Pretty and oh so soft to pet but let me tell you I have aqua fuzz/strands all over the place.  Grrrrrrrrr  The pink, which those of you who know me know I am not a pink gal, is a gift.  I am making the short-row round dishcloth Susan taught us at last guild meeting.

And last but certainly not least is the fair Lexi.  As you can see in the picture she has finally accepted her kitty cushion.  She rarely hesitates to jump on it now but she still prefers to sleep with me at night in our wonderfully soft and new bed.  The girl has taste.  😉





Silent Poetry Reading in honor of the Feast of Brigid

February 2, 2007

When you’re feeling so important, and your ego is in bloom
When you simply take for granted you’re the wisest in the room.
When you think your very absence will leave a great big hole.
Just follow these instructions.  They will humble any soul.
Take a bucket filled with water.
Put your hand in to the wrist.
Pull it out; the hole remaining is how much you will be missed.

Splash wildly when you enter.
Stir a lot and splash galore.
Then stop, and in a minute it will look just like before!

The moral of this story is to do the best you can.
Be proud, but please remember, There is NO Indispensable Man.

Author:  Saxon White Kessinger