Silent Poetry Reading in honor of the Feast of Brigid

When you’re feeling so important, and your ego is in bloom
When you simply take for granted you’re the wisest in the room.
When you think your very absence will leave a great big hole.
Just follow these instructions.  They will humble any soul.
Take a bucket filled with water.
Put your hand in to the wrist.
Pull it out; the hole remaining is how much you will be missed.

Splash wildly when you enter.
Stir a lot and splash galore.
Then stop, and in a minute it will look just like before!

The moral of this story is to do the best you can.
Be proud, but please remember, There is NO Indispensable Man.

Author:  Saxon White Kessinger



  1. 1
    Anita Says:

    Very good. It’s scary how soon one can be not missed especially if they splash a lot and stir up a lot of water! Keeps me toe-ing the line that’s for sure!!

  2. 2
    Carolyn Says:


  3. 3

    thank you. so very much.

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