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I actually have finished objects.  Oh and one WIP to show.  I finally finished my first PAIR of knitted socks.  I used size 1 Addi Turbos, Regia Silk in Loden.  Once again I ran out of yarn 3/4 of the way thru the second sock.  Margaret kindly ordered more and I was able to finish this past weekend.  The pattern is 1/2 from Knitty and 1/2 from a standard sock pattern.

The second picture is of some handwarmers I made for myself.  My office has no heat.  The sleezy landlord told me he heated his shop with the lights alone.  I can’t believe he even stooped so low as to say that lie out loud.  But he did.  He finally admitted he was not going to fix the heater.  He brought me a space heater and said if that didn’t work he’d be forced to install a wall heater.  I’m very warm natured so most days it isn’t bad that is until we had those 20 degree, degrees in the teens and single digit degree days.  The space heater does some good but my hands got cold.  So I decided to make some handwarmers and wouldn’t you know it??  I finished them the day before warmer temps came back.  lol  Such timing!!  DiVe Autunno yarn.  Btw, if you want to know what store this cheap landlord runs in my fair town, email me offlist and I’ll be happy to tell you.

The third picture is a scarf I’ve started.  I think I’m on restart 15.  No kidding.  I’ve pretty much mastered the pattern but the edging was never quite what I wanted.  I finally got that issue resolved and had a great start going when last night I saw I had repeated a row in the pattern and had to stop.  I was NOT going to frog it all again.  I’m wearing the yarn out!  So I decided to tink back….after the second row back I realized I had maybe 8-10 rows to go.  Geeez…that would take forever so I ripped the needles out and started ripping stitches.  I corrected the offending row and hopefully all will be well now.  I keep repeating the Elizabeth Zimmerman recommendation:  Admire your work often.  That is how you find mistakes.  Or something along that line!  Thanks Elizabeth!  It’s very good advice.

And the last picture is of the lovely Lexi.  She tolerates so much from her mama.  Especially the glow of the flash going off in her face many times a week.  She is such a good kitty and still has a great fascination with my knitting…but only when it’s in my hands.  Jealousy.  She doesn’t have green eyes for nothing.



  1. 1
    Carolyn Says:

    You did a fantastic job on those socks…beautiful! I can’t believe your slime ball landlord won’t get the heater fixed…that’s insane!! I can’t imagine working when you are freezing to death!
    I know what you mean about the wrist warmers, too….I finished the ones for my friend just as it got warm….and she lives in Texas where it’s even warmer…oh well!

  2. 2
    Shelly Says:

    Lovely socks! Yahooooo!

    Great hand warmers and that is a lovely start to a wonderful scarf.

    Lexi is a sweetie!

  3. 3
    Marjie Says:

    Will you look at those finished treasures!! Socks look great and I want a close up look at the wrist warmers! Scarf looks great and Miss Lexie is a beauty!!

  4. 4
    rebecca Says:

    “admire your work often”

    I like that sentiment!

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