As you can tell I went on a shopping spree this past weekend at Gourmet Yarn.  I was prepared to find some new Miss Priss by Schaefer but it had not come in.  Then Sandy showed me the green cashwool.  Now listen to this sales pitch.  Sandy said this is a discontinued green.  They aren’t making it any more  but they had two bags of it left so we got it.  I grabbed a skein of green and then saw the lavendar.  Mmmmmm I love lavendar and green together.  There were two skeins left so I grabbed one of the lavendar also.  I had to tease Sandy about her sale pitch.  Great way to sell yarn but it was the truth.  lol  So I’m sitting there minding my own business bonding with the Cashwool when I happen to look over at the sock  yarn and what do I see?  A great supply of Claudia Handpaint sock yarn!!  As you can tell I had two colorways that spoke to me.  Sigh.  I had done so well for several weeks and then in one weak moment….I bought a bag full of yarn.

I’m very proud to announce my sister attended her first knitting class this weekend.  She lives in Colorado Springs and is taking a beginner’s class at the Knitter’s Kove.  You’ll never guess what their beginner project is?  A vest!!  With seed stitch, button holes and a V neck.  Wow!!  I’d hate to see what their advanced projects are.  lol  My sister just learned how to do the purl stitch a few months ago.  So this sounded like a very adventurous class for her.  She called me several times over the weekend.  She is a perfectionist and she had frogged her left front side 9 times.  She called me last night and I could tell by the tone in her voice that she was ready to toss in the towel.  So we talked and I asked questions and explained.   I also shared with her that I’m on restart number 16 on the scarf I’m working on.  THAT made her feel much better.  lol  Anyway, this afternoon I received an email from her reporting that she successfully knitted the bottom band and is now working successfully on the stockinette portion of the vest.  I think she’s a happy camper.  That reminds me…..I bought her some Addi Natura circulars and put them in the mail this weekend.  I wonder if she got those yet?



  1. 1
    Emma Says:

    Ooh, the new yarn is beautiful!

  2. 2
    Carolyn Says:

    I love what you got…did you notice me lurking around your table Saturday night? LOL! I’m glad you got the last of that Claudia in the green and lavender….helped me “behave”!

  3. 3
    eagleflight95 Says:

    There is not much better for a knitter than a good yarn splurge! : ) The yarns are beautiful!

    Good Luck to your sister as she walks the road to knitting fun….and addiction.


  4. 4
    katie Says:

    I think I may have fondled your Cashwool before you purchased it. After my sock class on Saturday, I picked up a skein (hank, whatever) of the green and snuggled a little bit before picking up the lavender and snuggling with it. In fact, I remember telling one of the girls in my sock class to fondle it, too! So soft! Such great colors! Congratulations!

  5. I’m jealous. I’m stuck with AC Moore selections… : (

  6. 6
    Emma Says:

    The store in Tulsa that is moving is Naturally Needlepoint, but I think this weekend is the last weekend they will be open and having the 75% off sale. You should definitely call them and find out for sure though!

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