Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind?

Yes it does!!  And from now on it will be in a very different way than ole’ George sang about it.   lol  This past Friday seven of us  took the Heartland Flyer to Fort Worth.  And since I was reminded MANY times that what happens in Fort Worth STAYS in Fort Worth, I do have enough material to give several blog entries without revealing too much.  lol

In picture number one you’ll meet my seatmate/roomie and unbeknownst to either of us, bedmate for the trip, Terri, our own resident spy.  In the second sorta dark picture is Anita with the bright light behind her.  Sorry Anita!!  Picture numero tres shows Karen and Emily and Terri peeking from behind.  Picture number four is Jan with her train friend Matt.  And Marjie is right behind Jan and Anita seated next to her.  (For reasons unknown or better yet untold Matt was last seen hightailing it to his “friends” without a backward glance.)  lol And in picture number five you can see the skyline of the great city of Forth Worth.  The next two pictures are of our group waiting outside the terminal while Marjie went to get the rental mini-van.



I’ll break this up into several days but I do want to say now that while on the train, in the yarn shops and even on the ride home again, we heard over and over that we were a fun group of gals and that they’d never think of knitters in the same ole way again.  lol  NEXT post:  The first two yarn shops.


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