Fort Worth El Primer Dia


Yarn Heaven in Arlington was our first stop on Day One. It was the shop located farthest from the train station and we wanted to hit it first and work our way back closer to our hotel. I had seen alot of mixed reviews about this shop. But we decided we wanted to see for ourselves. Besides, I’d heard this shop had bunnies!! lol The shop was very nice. Tons of yarn to the point it was almost overwhelming. The owner was very nice and extremely helpful. I was on the hunt for Lorna’s Laces and she had many selections to choose from. The first four pictures above are of the shop. We tried to find out what size of needle that was Jan picked up but she didn’t tell us. lol Maybe a size 2010??? lol Can you imagine the amount of yarn you’d have to use? We found out the last of the shop bunnies has passed on and she did not get anymore after that. We were a little disappointed as we are all animal lovers. Picture number five is Terri. The shop had started carrying aromatherapy oils or something along that line and the fumes got to Terri. She had to go outside in order to breath. I sat down on the sofa to look at patterns with Karen and the real live hyacinth got to me. It’s sad that the scents of pleasurable things can be of such misery to so many. And picture number six is Karen and Terri loaded in the van ready to hit shop number two!


The second shop on our list was Simpatico in Bedford. This is a nice little shop that has been around a few years. The owner is a very nice and generous lady. When one person asked for a free pattern she’d make copies for everyone in our group! That was really cool.

Our initial plan to hit three shops the first day didn’t quite pan out. Several of our shoppers had yarn that she offered to wind so it was after 5 before we finished there. We’d have to make the other shops the next day. We zoomed off to find our hotel. As we were traveling down the highway I saw a hotel that might be ours on the other side of the highway. I also saw a tour bus of people unloading. Yikes!!!! As it turned out it was our hotel and it was a busload of baseball players from Marietta, Ohio. We were a bit apprehensive about a rowdy crowd but as it turned out the guys had played two games that day and were a little beat. The coach had a couple of the guys carry our bags upstairs for us. I was impressed!! lol I have to confess the team had quite a bit of eye candy for us older gals. lol Mmmm mmm. We were a little surprised to get to our rooms to find out we had king beds and not doubles. lol Oh well, Terri and I made the best of it. Now if you know Terri, you know she’s never met a stranger. So after she offered her too hot to eat pork rinds to the guys we went to dinner. We at at the Saltgrass Steakhouse and had a nice dinner. There were several nice pieces of leftover steak and bread. So Terri loaded it all up, asked for eating utensils and beat a path upstairs to offer it to some of the ball players. I don’t know that these guys from the North quite knew what to think of her southern hospitality. lol We all crashed shortly after. I don’t think any of use realized how tiring yarn shopping could be!! Stay tuned for Day Two.


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