Where was I? Oh…Fort Worth The Second Day


The next morning we had a plan.  Lobby at8:30.  Checkout and breakfast at Cracker Barrel across the highway.  Parking lot of 3rd yarn shop, The Knitting Nook in N. Richland Hills at 10:00 when the doors opened.  At 8:05 I remembered something I had not told Anita and Emily or Marjie.  So I called Anita and Emily’s room first and guess what?  I woke them up.  lol  Good thing I called.  I’m very happy to say those two gals can hustle when it’s necessary.  We were in the lobby at 8:30 and so were they and I even saw wet hair!!  Yay!!!  lol  Breakfast took a tad longer than we expected so we didn’t make it to the yarn shop until after 10 but we did make it.  It is a nice shop with nice staff.  The first pic above is Terri perusing the knitting books on their coffee table.  The next picture is of Karen, Emily and Anita scoping out the sale corner.  The next slightly dark picture is of Marjie and Anita coming out of the sale corner.

I had to throw in the pictures of Anita, Jan and Emily on the bench.  That was taken the night previous at Saltgrass Steakhouse while we waited on a table.  Do they look like hungry girls?

That next picture of Emily belongs below but I can’t get it moved.  lol  So “pretend” it’s in the next grouping.   lol


The next shop we hit was Yarns Ewenique.  Out of the seven of us, four of us favored this shop best.  It is in the cultural district of Fort Worth and was in a revitalized area.  Isn’t that floor mat cool?   Talk about a True Texas welcome!  lol

No, I didn’t aim the camera wrong and chop off bodies…I was taking a picture of their sign.  lol   The third picture is Marjie, Karen, Anita and Jan outside the shop.  The picture above of Emily is taken inside the shop as is the picture of Karen and Anita.  I have to tell you Marjie found the most beautiful and cool pattern for a baby blanket at this shop and she bought the yarn to do it.  I cannot wait for her to get started on it.  I may even have to do this blankie.  It’s gorgeous.

We piled into the van and headed to the 3rd shop for the day.  This was actually a darling quilt shop that happened to carry yarn also, The Cabbage Rose on Vickery.  We walked in and the first thing we saw was this:  “All yarn 50% off”   I think Karen had to read it to me twice….so it sunk in!  lol  They had some nice yarn but it was somewhat picked over.  We did manage to find a few bargains though.  Later a few of us were sitting by the book table while the others finished shopping and checking out.  I guess Terri, Anita and I were making some kind of cracks or maybe it was Jan and Emily who were still sniffing out bargains but this other customer comes by and lingers for a moment.  Out of the blue she says “I want to hang out with you guys.  You are much more fun than my friends.”  We all started laughing and appreciated her recognizing what we already knew.  😉  I asked to take her picture.  This is Carlisa.  A very wise and smart gal in Fort Worth.


After The Cabbage Rose we went to lunch at a sandwich bakery shop that I won’t name.  One of the ladies at a yarn shop earlier had recommended this place.  Another lady at another yarn shop had mentioned (when we asked for confirmation directions) that she didn’t think it was that good.  But we decided to go anyway.  The food was ok.  The cookies were ok.  But I’ve never been in a place where so many of the employees were borderline hateful.  It smacks of bad management to me.  Just mho.  We decided after that to skip the last shop in order to get the van back to the rental place before we had to rush.  So we headed towards the train station and Marjie pulls into a vacant parking lot.  I wished I had video’d this.  Seven women pile out of the van pulling shopping bags and then suitcases, put the suitcases on the pavement and immediately start repacking and trying to stuff as much as they could hide in the suitcases.  To an observer that had to be so odd and curious!  But we knew what we were doing!!  Some of us were keeping carryon’s to a minimum and some of us were hiding yarn from husbands.  lol  We repacked the van, jumped in and got to the train station only to empty it all again.  This is the bad part of the train trip.  We were 1 1/2 hours from departure.  You can’t board a train before a conductor is on board and that doesn’t happen until 30 minutes before departure.  The terminal station doesn’t have adequate seating and what was there was packed.  It was also miserably warm inside.  It was much more pleasant outside BUT there was even less seating outside.  So we took turns occupying one bench until time for the train to depart.

Remember that 8:05 call I made that woke Anita and Emily?  Well, I had a plan and a joke to play on Karen.  Remember Karen’s affinity for swiping the hotel toilet paper?  Well I beat her to the punch and had everyone bring their extra TP that morning.  We hid it until we were safely on the train and then presented Karen her present:


Doesn’t she blush nicely?  lol

That’s the end of our two days in Fort Worth.  We had a great time and found out we travel together nicely.  Marjie gets cudos for her chauffeuring ability but not as many as she gets for her good sportsmanship!  Anyway, I’d highly recommend it.  But I’d spread it out an extra day if I did it again.  And to say good night I’ll leave you with some yarn eye candy:


Oh and one more thing,  there is NO PLACE LIKE HOME:




  1. 1
    eagleflight95 Says:

    What FUN! I’m so glad that everyone had a fun and safe trip. Thanks for sharing the pics. : )

  2. 2
    Carolyn Says:

    Sounds like you girls had a BLAST!!! My idea of a near perfect trip!

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