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Have you noticed how Schaefer Anne goes thru a beautiful transformation when wound into a yarn cake? I bought the skein above many months ago lured by the beauty of the skein only. Yesterday I decided to wind the skein into a yarn cake so I could cast on a sock. I can’t put into words how much more beautiful it becomes. I don’t think the picture shows the hint of purple that it has. Yummy. img_0339.JPGimg_0342.JPG

These are two closeups of a scarf I’m working on. I found this pattern in a stitch dictionary and decided it would work very nicely on a seaman’s type scarf. I’m knitting this for a friend who wanted something subtle, manly but with interest. I had to rip back a bit last night as I realized I had repeated too many rows in the pattern. It still looked nice but those series of diamonds were longer than the other four sets. I’m to the point where I’ll segue into the ribbing that will narrow the scarf to fit more nicely around the neck. I had considered doing 3 X 3 ribbing to match the section of 3 knits that forms the borders of the diamond sections but the stitch count will not work. Darn it. Maybe I’ll do better by knitting 1 X 1 (YIKES!) or 2 X 2. What do you think?


This is some Tahki Classic Cotton I bought many months ago. I did not know what kind of room I’d have on the train last weekend so the scarf was out as I needed to follow a chart. I had this wound and grabbed it and some needles to do some mindless knitting on the train. (For some reason I knew it would be a crazy time and definitely no peace to concentrate on a pattern lol NOT that I’m complaining!) So I started a Grandmother’s washcloth and I LOVE how this multicolored cotton knitted up! It’s really pretty and looks so spring-like.


This is a scarf for Red Scarf Project 2008. Yes, I’ve already started! And no, it is not red but if you remember the guidelines state “gender neutral” colors. I think this will qualify nicely. It’s Miss Priss by Schaefer (God, I love knitting with this yarn) in the Eleanor Roosevelt colorway. Since it’s such a beautiful colorway I decided to do a simple seed stitch scarf to let the colors pop in their own way. See how that light aqua/teal does just that? The hint of purple dazzles in it’s own way also. If you’ve never knitted with Miss Priss yarn you are missing out. It is heavenly in a way I can’t describe. It is available at Gourmet Yarn and Margaret does her best to keep it in stock. It is very popular!


Does this yarn look familiar? It’s Blue Heron Rayon Metallic in the melon colorway. I found it at a shop in Tulsa and knew it would make the perfect clapotis. Problem was I only bought one skein and as many of you know it was not enough to knit the full clapotis. Well, Margaret is a very smart woman and when she saw it and heard all the comments and oooh’s and aw’s over it, she decided to start carrying it in her shop. I think I started a huge trend!! And what’s ironic is I never finished the clapotis that started it all! In fact, if you’ll notice the ball of yarn to the right? That is my clapotis that most of you saw months ago on this blog. Yep, I frogged it. After Margaret’s order came in the difference in the two skeins was very evident. So, I decided to frog the 2/3’s finished clappy and will alternate from the two skeins so that it is less noticable plus I think my skills are a tad better now and I will have a smoother product in the end.


And if I had not purchased enough yarn this month…I had to have this yesterday. One more skein of the Cascade 220 Tweed for the scarf. Those seed stitch diamonds with the framed borders is eating up the yarn! I may not need all 3 skeins but I will definitely need at least 2 and 1/2 skeins.

I also found a sock pattern at Gourmet Yarn that intrigued me. It called for Ballet in the Fiesta line. The pattern has an afterthought heel. NO SHORT ROW PICK UPS!!!!! YAY!!! So after Sarah Susan PUSHED this skein under my nose….and I put it back, Marjie eyed it and I had to grab it quick before it disappeared! Damn, I’m an easy sell.

If you have not been in Gourmet Yarn in the past few weeks you need to get there. I am not exaggerating when I say this. But after the five shops we visited in Fort Worth this past weekend AND the shops I’ve visited in this state NO ONE has the selection of sock yarn that Margaret has right now. She got in a HUGE shipment of Barefoot by Mountain Colors this week. I’ve offered to hold ankles while people dive in. lol And even without the Barefoot, she has Cherry Tree Hill solids and varigated, Claudia Handpaint, Anne by Shaefer, Lola by Shaefer, Online, Regia, J-Knits, Tofutsies, Sockolotta and I forget what else. Just believe me and trust me. If you want to experience a sock knitter’s dream, get there. She has so much to choose from. And here’s Nancy opening some of the Barefoot: (Yes, I stole the picture from her blog but I didnt’ have a picture so I had to have proof! lol)


I’m sure you have missed my baby Lexi. I failed to post any pictures of her the last few posts. These are repeats but so cute. She goes thru spells of jumping in the tub and chasing her tail, playing between the shower curtain and liner or just “cooling her toot”. lol I know that because she does it mainly during the warmer months, never in the winter. lol

2006_0704tub0007.JPG 2006_0704tub0008.JPG



  1. 1
    Shelly Says:

    OK…..I hope you’re happy! You’ve got me *twitching* for more yarn!!! : )

  2. 2
    Rosemary Says:

    It’s nice to get a good knitting update from ya 🙂

  3. 3
    Carolyn Says:

    All those beautiful wips!!! and I only have one right now…lol! I need to get busy! Been wanting to try the Anne too so will be interested to see what you think about it!

  4. Pretty yarns – too bad you have to knit them on toothpicks – haha!
    I really like the seaman’s scarf pattern. Looks like a pattern to devlop patience.
    Nice to see pics of Lexi again. Cute kitty.

  5. 5
    Linda Says:

    Great scarves. I’m so jealous of y’alls road trip. But I’m glad you had fun!

  6. 6
    katie Says:

    Lots of pretties–especially Miss Lexi, of course!

  7. 7
    Ginger Says:

    My Mum’s a novice knitter. She’s looking to knit a scarf that’s more challenging than knit-purl, something of lacy / cable patterns. But most scarves are one-sided ! Is your design two-sided scarf ?

  8. 8
    rebecca Says:

    I want to make a red scarf too. Have they announced the 2008 program yet? Or are you just assuming it will happen? Last time I looked they said to send them in January of 2007 only. It appeals to me to give encouragement to college kids who don’t have a mum or dad…

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