Remember Dick and Jane?


I decided to have a winding party last week.  Sorry there were no calls made or invitations sent out.  Just me and Lexi winding several skeins of yarn.  I love the look of yarn cake.

When we were in Fort Worth a few weeks ago Karen found this darling shopping bag at the quilt shop.  It’s a Dick and Jane bag.  I tried to resist but caved in obviously and bought one.  It’s so cute I don’t want to use it!  lol  As if I have room to keep a cute shopping bag just for display!  Anyway, here are a few pictures of the bag.  It sure does take me back about &*&*^)^% some odd years.  🙂

I’ve knitted quite a bit this past week but I don’t really have any pictures to show you today.  I’ve gotten to the ribbed section of the Cascade 220 Tweed scarf I’ve been working on.  It draws up nicely although not as narrow as I would prefer but it will have to do.  I had to terminate the Anne sock I was working on last week so I could wash the yarn.  The blue was coming off so much that I didn’t want to knit on it except just before shower time.  lol  So I cut the yarn, put the cuff on a lifeline and rewound the yarn cake into a skein and gave both a bath.  I did that just in time for all the rain so it took a few days and the help of a fan to dry that skein.   I haven’t rewound it yet (or balled it as Terri says) so no progress there.  I’ve restarted the clapotis about 10 times now.  I don’t know if I’ll ever have a project where I cast on, knit and complete without several frogging sessions.  It seems to be a part of my knitting routine.  lol

I had a comment from Ginger asking if the scarf had a different pattern on the back side.  If you are asking about the gray scarf the backside is patterned like the front only it looks like a wrong side.  If you are asking about the Miss Priss scarf I’m knitting for Red Scarf Project that is a seed stitch and it is the same on both sides.

I’ll leave you today with kitty paws:




  1. 1
    Shelly Says:

    I LOVE that bag! If it winds up missing, don’t come here to look. 🙂

    Pretty yarns and adorable kitty feet!

  2. 2
    Carolyn Says:

    That bag is tooo cute! I love bags like that…I’m not even going to tell how many I have…lol…one for every project, several for certain “types” of yarn and a few more for good measure!! Love those kitty paws, too!

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