Happy Easter!

Last night was another great night at Margaret’s.  She’s looking for a new name for Knit-in since there are crocheter’s also.  She wants to get away from the word “knit” in the title.  That’s a hard concept for some of us to grasp.  lol  She’s had a fair share of suggestions.  I only submitted one and got mocked for that.  Ha!  I guess my suggestion is better than someone who didn’t submit anything at all, huh?  lol  We did have some corny suggestions.  One was rather cute but it referred to the group as a whole instead of the event.  I guess my creative flow isn’t running right now.  Maybe in the midst of a dream I’ll come up with one.  img_0390.jpgimg_0391.jpg

Here’s a couple of shots I managed to take last night before my batteries died.  Terri  is working on her clapotis.  And here is the lovely Linen soaking up some good lovins’ from Jan.  Jan was giving her sweet muzzle some good scratchin at one time and Linen’s back leg started thumping.  lol That’s when you KNOW you’ve hit the right spot!

I’m still knitting on the same sock out of Schaefer Anne.  So no new pics to share.  That’s about all I’ve been working on this past week.

Look!  Twins!!  That’s TWO eggs in the bowl.  Imagine my surprise when one produced two yolks!



  1. 1
    Carolyn Says:

    I’m having a hard time coming up with a new name for the Knit-In too!! Good seeing you there!!

  2. 2
    TERRI Says:

    It looks like the Gentleman’s Agreement has left the building. hmmmm

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