A Sleepy Sunday

I don’t really have anything utterly exciting to blog about today. I’ve kept some later hours this weekend than normal and slept in until 10 this morning. THAT is highly unusual for me but it sure did feel great. I swear getting a new mattress can make some real differences in getting some good sleep. lol

Margaret’s retreat is in a couple of weeks. I’m mentally preparing my list of what I want to take. I love time away and especially when it is spent with knitting friends. If only I could bring Lexi. 🙂

On the knitting front: I’ve been working on socks out of Panda Wool. I love the yarn. It is very soft and cushy. I’ve been on book browsing kick recently and because of that I haven’t made much progress.

I did manage to put a bookcase together that I bought almost a year ago. I need more shelf space for knitting books! My knitting library keeps growing by leaps and bounds it seems.

I have several people comment on my last blog. Some I know by face and a few new people. Hi to Vicki, Carol B. and a Katie other than Prairie Knitter Katie. And thanks to Marjie, Pam, Shelly, Katie (PK), Rebecca, Rosemary, Sue, Sara Susan, Anita, Amanda and Carolyn. I had visits from someone in Israel, Nova Scotia, the UK, Maine, Sacramento, Houston, Atlanta, Virginia and Minnesota also. I think it is so cool to see all the different locations of people who trip onto my blog.

(note: obviously this didn’t publish when I wrote it…lol)



  1. 1
    Carolyn Says:

    I got the sitemeter too. It is so interesting! I have had “visits” from some of the most unusual places!! Who would have thought it…lol! People from a bazillion miles away interested in what I have to say….amazing…lol!

  2. 2
    katie Says:

    Oh, I wish I was going to the retreat. It sounds so fun! Good luck choosing (and packing) what projects to work on! 🙂

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