I went to Wal-Ma*t yesterday.  I’ve been eyeing this Kitty Kube for a few months now.  You see, Lexi has a secret.  She is terrified of storms.  She is doing somewhat better about the noise but only if I’m home.  Instead of taking cover (which isn’t a bad idea in tornado alley) she hovers under my feet, literally.  She wants to stay on the floor but she wants me touching her.  Lexi was born around June 1st, 1999.  I was living in Tulsa at that time and remember those next few weeks made for a very loud, electrical, stormy time.  Some of those nighttime storms were so loud that the claps of the lightning strikes and the booms of the thunder made me nearly jump out of my skin.  Well, I can only imagine that poor little Lexi was outdoors somewhere in all that activity.  By the time she found me anytime the rain started to fall she was hiding.  Fast forward nearly 8 years and when I first saw this Kitty Kube I thought…that might make for a great hidey hole for Lexi PLUS it could muffle the noise just a bit if I put it in the closet where she likes to hide.


As you can tell she had to give this Kitty Kube a very thorough inspection.  What you don’t see if a pom-pom type ball hanging from the top on a chain.  That was a bit interesting to her for a moment or two.


The bottom line on this Kitty Kube is I may have wasted my money.  lol  She only gets in it if I’m prodding her to do so.  I guess I’ll go put it in the closet so if it gets stormy this week she can run in there and maybe, just maybe, she’ll realize why her mama got it for her.  Keep your fingers crossed.


I have a secret too.  For some reason I can’t seem to be able to throw away yarn ball bands/labels.  I’m afraid I’ll forget what is on them.  Or I’ll find some great use for those bits of cardboard/paper.  I used to let them collect on the desk.  Then I got tired of moving them around to dust and straighten up.  So finally I decided to get a baggie and keep them there.  So now they are still cluttering the top of my desk but I only have ONE bag to pick up and move when it comes dusting time.


Next weekend is retreat for Gourmet Yarn!   Hope to see most of you there.



  1. 1
    Shelly Says:

    Lexi is so cute!

    I have some ball bands if you’d like me to keep them to add to your collection. : )

  2. 2
    Carolyn Says:

    I love the pics of Lexi checkin out her new digs…hopefully she will find she likes it! One of our yorkies is terrified of storms too….has to be ON you and vibrates like a wind up toy the whole time so I can relate! That’s funny about your labels….I used to lose all mine…lol! Now I put one in the knitting journal when I start a project so I’ll have at least one for future reference!

  3. 3
    Amanda Says:

    Lexi is so cute! My dog Lady is terrified of storms as well. She runs back and forth through the house and then tries desperately to sit in my lap..all 80lbs of her! I wish I was going to the retreat!! Hope you have a great time!

  4. Good pictures if Lexi. You know she’ll only use that if you’re not home and noboby sees her using it – LOL

  5. 5

    Susan…..I think you know my cat better than I do! lol

  6. 6
    Vicki Says:

    Decoupage your ball band labels on hatboxes or wooden boxes like you find at Michaels. Super easy and you get a place to stash your stitchmarkers, measuring tapes, etc. I used an acrylic antique brown (watered down) and a sponge to give the bands an aged look – you can also cut them in irregular shapes and burn the edges a little. I have a large box on my coffee table for the remote controls. Have fun!

  7. 7
    rebecca Says:

    I keep my yarn labels in a plastic bag too!

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