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My blog, my state, my rant

May 26, 2007

If you don’t like the great state of Oklahoma, stop reading now. This is going to be a rant but it’s also going to be a promotion of a state in which I’m proud to live.

I was born in this state in Osage County in Hominy, Oklahoma. Did you know Osage County is the largest county in the state?

We moved around a few times before settling in what I call my hometown. We lived in Cleveland, Claremore, Cushing, Bartlesville and finally Sapulpa. Sapulpa is home to Frankoma Pottery. John Frank and his wife started that company many years ago. They built a beautiful home there in the east side of the city. I grew up attending the same church as he and his wife. The cross in the sanctuary of our church was designed and crafted by John Frank. It’s made of Frankoma pottery and is simple yet beautiful. He came to our school once and gave us an inspirational talk while he crafted a pot on a potters wheel.

Tulsa was the largest city close to Sapulpa and we spent a lot of weekend time going shopping there. Tulsa is the second largest city in the state. It is home to two world famous museums, The Gilcrease Museum which has some fantastic western art and The Philbrook which was originally built by Waite Phillips. There are two private universities in Tulsa, University of Tulsa and Oral Roberts University. Tulsa has one of the nation’s largest concentrations of art deco architecture. And I can vouch for this personally, was selected as one of the most desirable cities in which to live. Tulsa is located at the foothills of the Ozarks and is also in the heart of Tornado Alley. Tulsa also has The Golden Driller and this is a totally unknown fact for you. One of my best friend’s daughter has had a crush on that Golden Driller since she was a child. Tulsa has the Riverparks area with a pedestrian bridge made from an old railroad track, running/walking paths alongside the river and now at the southern end an aquarium.

I moved to Oklahoma City in 2000. Oklahoma City is home to the Cowboy Hall of Fame, Oklahoma City University, Oklahoma City National Memorial, Myriad Botanical Gardens that has the Crystal Bridge designed by I. M. Pei. OKC has the Omniplex and one of the top zoo’s in the nation.

I moved to Norman almost two years ago. Norman is home to the University of Oklahoma, Sam Noble Museum, and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Oklahoma has several lakes, Keystone, Grand, Hudson, Eufaula, and Texoma to name a few. Other scenic locations are the Wildlife Preserve by Lawton, Turner Falls in the southern part of the state, Talihina Drive which is gorgeous in the fall. Bartlesville has Woolaroc, Ponca City has the Pioneer Woman Museum, Claremore is home to the Will Rogers Memorial and there are many more but I won’t list them all.

Just a few weeks ago Oklahoma City was named in the top five of most desirable cities to live. Tulsa had that distinction in 2005. Our cost of living in this state is below the national average. What does that mean? It means we don’t have to pay a quarter of a million for 1200 square feet of house. We have fresh air to breath and wide open spaces in which to run. Our crime rate is lower than most urban areas, thank God. We don’t have dead refrigerators left on our curbs. We don’t have to worry about how many people will try to panhandle from us as we walk down the street. We don’t have security bars over most of our storefronts. (Ok, there are some but not over the majority.) We are a state where people will wave at you even if they don’t know your name. People here will hold a door open for the person coming out behind them. Why? Because it’s common courtesy and Oklahoman’s are, for the most part, good people. We have green grass to cover our lawns, not cement. We can plant flowers or vegetables right out our front and back doors. We can drive our cars to work and not worry about the price of parking. We don’t have to leave 2 hours early so we can make it to work on time because of traffic. We can park our cars on the curbside and not worry if the street cleaner is coming. We don’t have to carry our groceries inside a building and then get on the elevator to get to our floor. We can open our windows and let the fresh air in without worry of pollution. Well, ok…we do have to worry about dust and pollens but that’s not what this post is about. lol

Ok, if you are asking yourself now why I’m posting about this I’ll tell you why now. I am sick of people knocking Oklahoma. I had a client drop in this week. He doesn’t speak English very well so he brought his brother-in-law with him. The brother in law is from NYC. They dropped in unannounced and without an appointment. They were grumbling that the attorney wasn’t available to see them. During the course of conversation the BIL from NYC said they’d drive around and come back later as “there was nothing to do in Oklahoma ….and after all it wasn’t NYC”. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I politely told him ( and believe me I was trying not to clinch my teeth) that there was plenty to do around Oklahoma. I started listing things in Norman and Oklahoma City that he could do. I listed the museums, the universities, the bombing memorial. Then I told him about the scenic venues and told him about our affordable cost of living. I ended it by telling him there is plenty for you to do here if you look.

When my boss returned to the office I shared the above with him. He lived in NYC for a brief time when he was younger. He just laughed. He said don’t tell him how great it is to live here. I asked why and he said: No one wants to visit here because they don’t realize how great it is. Don’t tell any of them because we want to keep it that way. The smile was slow but I realized what he was saying. If you think this state is beneath you, then leave. We don’t need your type here. We know how great we are and how proud we are to be from Oklahoma. If you don’t agree, please allow me to hold the door open for you while you leave.

P.S. If you agree with me please leave a comment!  🙂


Wow! If only…..

May 20, 2007

You Are An ISTJ

The Duty Fulfiller
You are responsible, reliable, and hardworking – you get the job done.You prefer productive hobbies, like woodworking or knittings.

Quiet and serious, you are well prepared for whatever life hands you.

Conservative and down-to-earth, you hardly ever do anything crazy.

You would make a great business executive, accountant, or lawyer.

What’s Your Personality Type?


I think I’ve taken this quiz several times. The questions vary somewhat. Some don’t have MY answer so you have to choose one. lol But I thought it was very interesting that the quiz said I prefer KNITTING!! How cool!!!

Speaking of knitting, I’ve hit a lull for some reason. I’ve been more interested in knitting books and different techniques. I did start a tomato hat last week. A co-worker and his wife are expecting their third this summer. I’m making a size bigger since there won’t be a need right after it’s born. I also finished the washcloth I started on the train trip to Fort Worth. I forgot a k2tog and yarnover and didn’t realize it for several rows. So I ripped that back last night and finished. Other than that, I’ve not knitted a stitch. I hope this lull passes soon. I have a lot of yarn screaming at me.

I visited the new location of the newly named Stitches in Tulsa last week. Beautiful shop, still half needlepoint half knitting yarn. But I managed to browse, chat, squeeze and drool without spending a penny. Where is my knitting mojo??? If any of ya’ll see it out there, please return it to me ASAP.






May 13, 2007


This is my mother and her man-friend, Earl.  (Please excuse the paint stained t shirt.  He was working around the house yesterday.)  She is lucky enough that she has had two men who love her dearly.  I drove up to Tulsa yesterday to take her to lunch and shop a bit.  It’s a bit difficult to get my mother to make some decisions, especially one like-where do you want to go?  She bounces that ball back at me and I refused to catch that ball.  So what happens?  She picks Olive *arden!!  Italian is ok but for some reason I end up at OG about 10 times more than I’d like.  lol BUT it was her choice, she loves the salad there.   After we ate she wanted to go to Hobby Lobby to look for art books.  She and Earl are taking oil painting lessons.  Lordy, they have about 17 new paintings in the house.  🙂   After Hobby Lobby I took her to Ted and Debbies to pick out a hanging basket of flowers.  When I was trying to think of what to post for Mother’s Day I thought of all those little pearls of wisdom our moms tell us while growing up.  These are the pearls I remembered:


You only need three squares of toilet paper.  

(She was trying to save money, we had tiny hineys back then….)


Boys only want to get in your pants.

(I think she was more right on this one than I ever dreamed!  Lol)


I have eyes in the back of my head.

(She tried to buffalo us with that one.)


If you don’t clean up your room, I’m calling Captain Kangaroo.

(Damn, she knew how to get us to move!! )


No one wants to see a bratty kid.

(No kidding!!!)


Go ask your Daddy.

(If he says yes then I’ll say yes.) 


You take a bath EVERY day.

(My mother is always clean.)


There is no one who is any better than you.

(I think this came from some self esteem issues she had and didn’t want us to have.)


She looks HARD.

(Translation:  she’s a tramp)


Old Codger!

(The name she’d call men drivers when frustrated.)


Always be honest.

(The numero uno lesson.)


Don’t lie. 

(See above.)


Don’t sit on the seat!!!!!!!

(You’ll catch cooties!!!)


Don’t touch that!!!

(Those germs kill!  Lol)


And from my other Mom:  I did NOT throw that clapotis at you!!!    😉


Seven things, huh?

May 12, 2007

First thought that comes to mind is….I doubt that there are seven things people don’t know about me but I’ll try.

Btw, Terri tagged her list of blogs on this.

1.  I was born in town named after food, Hominy.

2.  Oh, you don’t know this one!!  My son’s age!!  lol

3.  Lord, forgive me but I stuck a hot toy metal iron to my toddler sister’s face when I was about 4.  (I swear it’s the reason she has the prettier complexion.)

4. There are some foods I love to eat because of the seeds.  For example:  okra, tomatoes, Kentucky Wonder green beans.

5.  I’m sure I’ve told this before…I have an Uncle June and an Aunt Duane.  And their dad’s name was Elvest.

6.  I can’t stand grasshoppers.

7.  A friend and I once got lost in a red light district in Mexico City.

Another Great Gourmet Yarn Retreat

May 6, 2007

Margaret and David picked a beautiful location for the spring retreat.  Look at this view:


That is the view off the deck of the main room.  Isn’t that gorgeous?  It was green everywhere you looked.  We had a great group of people including three from the great state of Texas!  Hi Michelle, Ann and Dawn!   The bad part of the retreat was that Margaret had to leave unexpectedly because of some health issues with her son.  Please keep both of them in your thoughts and prayers.  And while we missed Margaret terribly we still managed to have a good time.

Let me apologize first for this blurry picture but I want to show it for a reason.  This is a picture of a seasoned needlework retreat attendee.


Please make note she brought her own chair complete with spaces on each arm to hold a cup. You can barely see the industrial sized extension outlet for anything that needs electricity to work.  (See yellow square in front of her feet) She has a portable natural daylight lamp on the table and I believe I saw her pulling a large cooler ON WHEELS!  when she first walked in the room.  Yes, Sherry is always well prepared and it tickles me to see how well armed she arrives.  (PS she is the reason I bought my portable lamp and knew to bring it this time.)


Here’s a shot of Nancy and David.  Nancy was trying to figure out how to tink and not frog the project she was working on.  David was busy getting our feast for Friday evening prepared.  Let me tell you something, David works hard.  He was packing, carrying, cutting, slicing, dicing, stirring, heating, and managing to chat with various people all the while he was fixing our dinner.  We had a delicious meal of tacos or burritos depending on what type of tortilla you chose.  We had pico de gallo, atomic hot sauce, salsa, chips, queso, creamed Mexican corn and all the typical taco/burrito toppings.   You did a great job and for me, it was the best meal of the weekend.


Here is Marjie taking care of one errant loose end of the beautiful baby blankie she made for her very first grandchild.  It is truly a gorgeous blanket.


This is Dawn from the Texas panhandle.  She fit right in with our table.  She is a self-taught knitter and managed to find GY when visiting OKC for a 4-H event.  She zoomed right thru the wrist warmers.


This is a picture of Michelle and her friend Ann(barely visible in the background…sorry Ann!).  They are both teachers in Amarillo.  Michelle has been a GY shopper for awhile.  We first “met” on Knitter’s Review a year ago or so.  I’m so glad they made the 6 hour trip to join us.  Michelle is holding her STR sock from the Lucy colorway.  We were commenting how interesting it is to see the different patterns on socks from the same yarn.  Note that STR usually does a “pooling” thing when knitted into socks but on Michelle’s it did a stripe-type effect.  I really liked how Michelle’s turned out.

And this is the group shot we took this morning.  Unfortunately it was after our new Texas friends left.


Please note the most lovely attendee of all…Miss Linen.  She is such a precious girl.

Speaking of precious girls…..img_0385.jpg

She was waiting on her mama to get home.