Another Great Gourmet Yarn Retreat

Margaret and David picked a beautiful location for the spring retreat.  Look at this view:


That is the view off the deck of the main room.  Isn’t that gorgeous?  It was green everywhere you looked.  We had a great group of people including three from the great state of Texas!  Hi Michelle, Ann and Dawn!   The bad part of the retreat was that Margaret had to leave unexpectedly because of some health issues with her son.  Please keep both of them in your thoughts and prayers.  And while we missed Margaret terribly we still managed to have a good time.

Let me apologize first for this blurry picture but I want to show it for a reason.  This is a picture of a seasoned needlework retreat attendee.


Please make note she brought her own chair complete with spaces on each arm to hold a cup. You can barely see the industrial sized extension outlet for anything that needs electricity to work.  (See yellow square in front of her feet) She has a portable natural daylight lamp on the table and I believe I saw her pulling a large cooler ON WHEELS!  when she first walked in the room.  Yes, Sherry is always well prepared and it tickles me to see how well armed she arrives.  (PS she is the reason I bought my portable lamp and knew to bring it this time.)


Here’s a shot of Nancy and David.  Nancy was trying to figure out how to tink and not frog the project she was working on.  David was busy getting our feast for Friday evening prepared.  Let me tell you something, David works hard.  He was packing, carrying, cutting, slicing, dicing, stirring, heating, and managing to chat with various people all the while he was fixing our dinner.  We had a delicious meal of tacos or burritos depending on what type of tortilla you chose.  We had pico de gallo, atomic hot sauce, salsa, chips, queso, creamed Mexican corn and all the typical taco/burrito toppings.   You did a great job and for me, it was the best meal of the weekend.


Here is Marjie taking care of one errant loose end of the beautiful baby blankie she made for her very first grandchild.  It is truly a gorgeous blanket.


This is Dawn from the Texas panhandle.  She fit right in with our table.  She is a self-taught knitter and managed to find GY when visiting OKC for a 4-H event.  She zoomed right thru the wrist warmers.


This is a picture of Michelle and her friend Ann(barely visible in the background…sorry Ann!).  They are both teachers in Amarillo.  Michelle has been a GY shopper for awhile.  We first “met” on Knitter’s Review a year ago or so.  I’m so glad they made the 6 hour trip to join us.  Michelle is holding her STR sock from the Lucy colorway.  We were commenting how interesting it is to see the different patterns on socks from the same yarn.  Note that STR usually does a “pooling” thing when knitted into socks but on Michelle’s it did a stripe-type effect.  I really liked how Michelle’s turned out.

And this is the group shot we took this morning.  Unfortunately it was after our new Texas friends left.


Please note the most lovely attendee of all…Miss Linen.  She is such a precious girl.

Speaking of precious girls…..img_0385.jpg

She was waiting on her mama to get home.



  1. 1
    Pam Says:

    Kay, glad you posted pics! Sorry to hear Margaret had to leave. Sounds like David needs to be permanent chef!

  2. 2
    Carolyn Says:

    Sounds and looks like you gals had a great time!! I’m gonna HAVE to make it to one of those retreats!

  3. 3
    Pat Says:

    I enjoyed sitting at your table & loved my first retreat! Great pics.

  4. 4
    Shelly Says:

    I’m glad everyone had a good time. The scenery looks lovely.

    Marjie is really concentrating on her knitting in her picture. : )

    Lexi needs her rest with all these thunderstorms at night that make it difficult to sleep!

  5. Great pics and the retreat looks like it was lots fun. So sorry Margarat couldn’t stay. Thanks for the update.

  6. 6
    katie Says:

    Looks wonderful! What a pretty place for a weekend of knitting!

  7. 7
    Anita Says:

    We had a really good time even though we missed Margaret a lot! Pat, I’m so glad you were at our table too and I got acquainted with you as well as Dawn. Beautiful place.

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