Seven things, huh?

First thought that comes to mind is….I doubt that there are seven things people don’t know about me but I’ll try.

Btw, Terri tagged her list of blogs on this.

1.  I was born in town named after food, Hominy.

2.  Oh, you don’t know this one!!  My son’s age!!  lol

3.  Lord, forgive me but I stuck a hot toy metal iron to my toddler sister’s face when I was about 4.  (I swear it’s the reason she has the prettier complexion.)

4. There are some foods I love to eat because of the seeds.  For example:  okra, tomatoes, Kentucky Wonder green beans.

5.  I’m sure I’ve told this before…I have an Uncle June and an Aunt Duane.  And their dad’s name was Elvest.

6.  I can’t stand grasshoppers.

7.  A friend and I once got lost in a red light district in Mexico City.


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