This is my mother and her man-friend, Earl.  (Please excuse the paint stained t shirt.  He was working around the house yesterday.)  She is lucky enough that she has had two men who love her dearly.  I drove up to Tulsa yesterday to take her to lunch and shop a bit.  It’s a bit difficult to get my mother to make some decisions, especially one like-where do you want to go?  She bounces that ball back at me and I refused to catch that ball.  So what happens?  She picks Olive *arden!!  Italian is ok but for some reason I end up at OG about 10 times more than I’d like.  lol BUT it was her choice, she loves the salad there.   After we ate she wanted to go to Hobby Lobby to look for art books.  She and Earl are taking oil painting lessons.  Lordy, they have about 17 new paintings in the house.  🙂   After Hobby Lobby I took her to Ted and Debbies to pick out a hanging basket of flowers.  When I was trying to think of what to post for Mother’s Day I thought of all those little pearls of wisdom our moms tell us while growing up.  These are the pearls I remembered:


You only need three squares of toilet paper.  

(She was trying to save money, we had tiny hineys back then….)


Boys only want to get in your pants.

(I think she was more right on this one than I ever dreamed!  Lol)


I have eyes in the back of my head.

(She tried to buffalo us with that one.)


If you don’t clean up your room, I’m calling Captain Kangaroo.

(Damn, she knew how to get us to move!! )


No one wants to see a bratty kid.

(No kidding!!!)


Go ask your Daddy.

(If he says yes then I’ll say yes.) 


You take a bath EVERY day.

(My mother is always clean.)


There is no one who is any better than you.

(I think this came from some self esteem issues she had and didn’t want us to have.)


She looks HARD.

(Translation:  she’s a tramp)


Old Codger!

(The name she’d call men drivers when frustrated.)


Always be honest.

(The numero uno lesson.)


Don’t lie. 

(See above.)


Don’t sit on the seat!!!!!!!

(You’ll catch cooties!!!)


Don’t touch that!!!

(Those germs kill!  Lol)


And from my other Mom:  I did NOT throw that clapotis at you!!!    😉




  1. I love Mom-isms. Mine also would say “Don’t sit on the seat” and “Don’t touch that”
    Nice picture of your mom and man-friend.

  2. 2
    Shelly Says:

    Funny momisms!

    We need to eat out together soon….how about Olive Garden? ; )

    I can see a resemblance between you and your mom. It’s a good picture of your mom and Earl. Is Earl holding a camera to take your picture, too?

  3. 3
    anita Says:

    And don’t forget “If you want to have a friend, you have to be a friend…”

    Good picture of your mom and Earl. (My fathers name was Earl)

  4. 4
    rebecca Says:

    I had my daughter convinced I had an eye in the back of my head; what she didn’t know was that I had the rear view window in the car to tell me what she was up to!

  5. 5
    Carolyn Says:

    I just love those mom-isms!! What I find so funny is the ones that my daughter hated the most back then…… I hear her saying now a days!

  6. 6
    Linda Says:

    I’ve noticed Mom gets smarter every year…amazing how that happens to all the Moms out there, huh?

    Photos of Squeek as soon as she gets up from rolling around on the floor laughing at Murphy.

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