The Second Book……


I finished reading A Thousand Splendid Suns tonight.  I did not find this book as good as I did The Kite Runner.  It could be the subject matter was very upsetting to me as the main two characters are women who were born in Afghanistan.  I cannot for the life of me understand how anyone can believe it is acceptable to treat women or anyone in this fashion.  I also felt the author did an OK job of writing about this subject but I can’t help but wonder if a female author from Afghanistan would have written a better description.

On a side note, I recently contacted a friend of mine (thanks Linda) who is working a contract job in Kabul.  I started reading this book last week, made contact with him this weekend, and have seen pictures he’s sent of scenes and people in Kabul.  It’s not surprising I dreamed about Afghanistan a few nights ago.


He’s offered to send me some pashmina yarn.  I’m very curious but I’m also concerned about odors.  lol  He’s told me some stories about the odors and smells there.  lol

Please keep him in  your prayers as he is in danger when he travels to work to help teach their military how to be officers.


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