Another one hooked….


This is my friend Gretchen.  Remember I wrote a post about her a few months back?   This is her.  See what she is doing?  That’s right.  She came to spend the night with me earlier this week and made the mistake of saying she wanted me to show her how to knit.  She didn’t have to ask me twice!  lol  I took her up to Gourmet Yarn so she could go into a real yarn shop and see all the pretty yarn.  She has a 2 year old granddaughter and I made sure she saw all the cute items she could knit for her.  We came back to the house and I got some needles (sticks) and yarn out and taught her how to cast-on, knit, yarn over, and decrease.  She is a natural!  The next morning I taught her how to purl.  I did have to laugh, she worked with some bamboo sticks for awhile then said she wanted to try the addi turbo circulars.  She liked them best!

I allowed her into my yarn closet.  That might have been a big mistake.  lol  For years I have thumped on her about the clothes she buys, the cologne, the purses, the shoes…..she is quite the shopper.  She’s always taken my “beatings” with a smile.  Well, she took one look at my stash and said this:   Don’t you ever say anything to me ever again about what I buy.   lol  I think she went on to say I was eaten up with it??  Something like that.  And she did tell me earlier that she knew I was a true knitter because I drove all the way up to GY from Norman just to show her around.  lol  Welllllllllllll   lol

I’ll leave you with a picture of my traitor kitty.  Usually I’m the only one who gets to do this:



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