Yarn, knitting, knitting and yarn….


Ok, I know it’s been a long time since I’ve shown anything related to knitting.  It isn’t because I wasn’t knitting.  And it wasn’t because I haven’t been buying any yarn either!  lol  Above in the first picture is some lovely Lamb’s Pride that I’ve been eyeing at Gourmet Yarn for a long time.  I have a project in mind for this yarn but I won’t reveal it just yet as I’m creating something of my own.  If it’s successful you’ll see it.  If it isn’t you won’t.  lol  The second picture is a lovely yarn cake of Miss Priss by Schaefer.  I love this yarn.  I can’t go on about it enough.  There is something very satisfying about knitting with it.  A side note is it most often smells lightly of vinegar.  I believe they use that in the dye pot to set the colors.  It’s a warm and inviting smell to me and I love it.  This will probably become a scarf for Red Scarf Project 2008.  Ohh, by the way, they changed the dates to send in completed scarves.  I don’t recall the exact date right now but it is this fall, 2007 and not February of 2008.  The third picture is a yarn cake of Fiesta Boomerang.  This yarn has the best squish to it.  This too will probably become a scarf for Red Scarf or I might do something for myself.


On the knitting front, in the first picture is my first toe-up with short row heel sock.  It took Margaret many hours (with lots of interruptions-not her fault!) to show me how to do this.  Don’t know if I could ever do it again but I did it once!  lol  The second picture is my 2nd tomato hat.  One of the guys I work with is going to be a daddy for the 3rd time any day now.  I thought I’d knit a tomato hat but I grew weary of it and set it aside.  I might get the motivation to finish it.  Time will tell.  In the meantime, the third picture is the baby blanket I’m knitting for the baby instead.  I’m using Plymouth Jeanee in some lovely baby colors, lime, yellow and aqua.  I usually can’t stand the feel of acrylic but this yarn has the right mix of cotton and acrylic.  The drape is wonderful also.  I’ve heard some knitters complain they can’t stand to knit garter stitch or they can’t stand to knit squares or rectangles.  I guess I’m a different breed.  To me, it’s the zen quality of being able to knit without having to think about what I’m doing next.  Maybe they don’t have enough stress in their lives and don’t need to zone out?  lol  Anyway, I’m enjoying the process and to me that is what counts.


This first picture is some yarn I bought because I love how it’s packaged.  This is Classic Elite Star.  I think the packages are adorable and I might just keep them in this state since I tried knitting with some and I do not like the yarn.  lol  It’s too stretchy, thick and that’s not my cup of tea.  I was attracted to the colors and the packaging.  What can I say?  The second picture is some Bamboo I decided to try.  These will hopefully turn into socks some day.  And the third picture is the queen of the house.  I made the mistake of laying a pillow in this chair one day intending to pick it up later.  Little did I know she would zoom in on it and now it’s her favorite place to sleep.  Lexi says:  You are pushing the line interrupting my beauty sleep!


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    katie Says:

    I’m starting to believe you really could fill up an entire yarn closet! Does your friend Gretchen know what she’s getting herself into? 🙂

    Pretty yarn. Pretty kitty.

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